What is Quackity’s net worth? Inside streamer’s fortune as he hits 5 million subscribers on YouTube 

Alexis Quackity Alex Youtube analytics confirms his 5 million subscriber count/Image via Instagram & SocialBlade
Alexis Quackity Alex Youtube analytics confirms his 5 million subscriber count/Image via Instagram & SocialBlade

"CONGRATS QUACKITY" is trending on Twitter! Popular Twitch star Alexis Alex has finally hit the 5 million subscriber count on YouTube and fans are super excited.

According to live analytics from SocialBlade, the Minecraft Youtuber's new milestone has put his subscribers count at over 5.01M and counting. Quackity has been on the Twitter trend list all week for his recent broadcasts on Twitch.

The American streamer currently has 3.21M followers on Twitch but his streaming clips have gained him stardom on Twitter with over 2.8 million fans following him.

Fortunately, the streamer's rise to fame has also earned him a sizeable fortune. Let's see where Quackity's current earnings stand at.

What is Quackity net worth?

The Mexican-born American, Alexis Alex has an estimated net worth of $4 million. Alex's quality YouTube content has earned him close to 400 million views so far on the platform.

Its estimated that Quackity would generate a revenue of over $3000 per day. That puts the Minecraft streamer at a whopping $1million earnings per year from Youtube.

Alexis earns over $300k per year from Twitch

In 2020, it was reported that Alex was making well over $25k per month and an estimated $300k earnings per year from his Twitch broadcasts. However, Quackity's stream views have massively grown since then and currently stands at $20 million views.

This does not account for the donations Alex earns from his loyal fans via the Twitch chatboard. The Cheering feature allows users to buy bits to show their support and make their messages more noticeable on the chat via different animated emotes.

Alexis has also given fans the option to donate via Paypal and even through cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Etherum and Litecoin.

The streamer's Twitter stans have been all over his timeline, congratulating him on his success. As usual, the reactions are heartwarming and supportive of his success.

Alexis has recently been on a stream train on Twitch and has assured back-to-back broadcasts with fellow streamer Karl “Gamerboykarl” Jacobs and Georgenotfound.

This is only the beginning of Alex's rise to success.

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