What is Septic shock? Mario Dumaual cause of death explored as veteran reporter dies aged 64

Mario Dumaual recently died at the age of 64 (Image via Mario Dumaual/Facebook)
Mario Dumaual recently died at the age of 64 (Image via Mario Dumaual/Facebook)

Well-known entertainment reporter Mario Dumaual passed away from septic shock on Wednesday, July 5, at the age of 64. Cleveland Clinic reports that septic shock refers to the final and severe stage of sepsis, and it happens when the immune system has an extreme reaction to an infection.

The news of Mario's demise was confirmed on Facebook, where his family shared a statement with a few pictures that included Mario's photo, alongside another where Mario was posing with his family members. The statement revealed that Mario was also suffering from a fungal infection while he was recovering from a heart attack and was at the Philippine Heart Center for a month. He added:

"Papa was strong, he kept fighting on, overcoming the heart attack then a cardiac arrest. He would always say he wanted to go home because he missed us, his family. But the infection overwhelmed his body's ability to recover."

The statement continued and mentioned that Mario Dumaual's family was with him and that he felt everyone's love when he was at home. His family members also made him realize that his friends in the industry loved him and were praying for his quick recovery. The post also stated:

"Papa was our rock, we depended much on him. But he also nurtured us to become strong and able and to be the best version of ourselves. Beyond us his family, we'd like to think he also left a legacy in entertainment journalism. He made us proud as Mario Dumaual, the reporter, but ultimately more so as a devoted husband, father, and granddad."

The post disclosed that Mario's wake will be held from Thursday to Sunday at 2 pm, at the Loyola Memorial Chapels and Crematorium Commonwealth.

Septic shock: Causes, symptoms, prevention, and more

Cleveland Clinic reports that septic shock is a condition that happens due to infection resulting in low blood pressure and organ failure. It is the last stage of sepsis with the first two being sepsis and severe sepsis.

Common symptoms of the disease include fast heart rate, fever, shaking or child, warm or sweaty skin, confusion, hyperventilation, and breathing problems. There could be additional symptoms like low blood pressure, lightheadedness, little or no urine, heart palpitations, cool and pale limbs, and skin rash.


There are certain risk factors involved with the disease. It can affect newborns and those who are over 65 years old, pregnant, using recreational drugs, and have artificial joints of heart valves. The problem can happen in those suffering from AIDS, diabetes, leukemia, and immune disorders.

Septic shock has a list of complications like brain damage, lung failure, heart failure, kidney failure, gangrene, and death. Septic shock can be treated with antibiotics and vaccines.

Mario Dumaual was known for his work in various newspapers

Born on July 31, 1958, Mario Dumaual first joined the University of the Philippines Los Banos, where he finished his graduation. He joined as a staff writer for the Ministry of Agriculture and continued working at a financing company followed by a shipping company.


Mario Dumaual then came to Times Journal in 1982, where he started working as an entertainment reporter. He then wrote for the entertainment columns of the broadsheet newspaper, Malaya.

Mario covered the news of various celebrities alongside award shows, pageants, and galas. He then came to ABS-CBN, and following his retirement, he continued working as a reporter. He was also a mentor for the Star Patrol reporters, and his son Miguel also joined as a TV reporter and editor for ABS-CBN News Digital.


Mario Dumaual also received a star at the Eastwood City Walk of Fame, and the younger artists he covered knew him as Tito Mario. He appeared in a few TV shows like SNN: Showbiz News Ngayon, TV Patrol, and Biyaheng Retro.

Dumaual is survived by his wife Cherie, alongside their children Luigi, Miguel, Maxine, William, and Thessa.

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