CTV reporter Jessica Robb sparks vaccine fears after suffering medical emergency live on air

Jessica Robb almost collapsed on live television. (Image via CTV News Edmonton)
Jessica Robb almost collapsed on live television. (Image via CTV News Edmonton)

Canadian journalist Jessica Robb sparked vaccine fears after she suffered a medical emergency while reporting live on television.

On Sunday, January 8, Robb was reporting on the location for the Canada-based news channel, CTV, when in the middle of a conversation with anchor Nahreman Issa, she began to slur and repeat words on the live broadcast.

Must Watch: Young CTV News reporter Jessica Robb starts slurring her words, appears to go into medical distress, and looks like she’s about to collapse live on air during the 6pm show tonight.…

In the footage that went viral over the internet, Jessica Robb can be seen going blank on words and struggling to speak. At one point, she can also be seen looking lost and losing her balance.

Before the cameraperson cut the broadcast from Robb to Issa reporting from the news studio, the young journalist could be seen almost collapsing as she lost stability.

Twitter reactions on Jessica Robb's physical health

After Jessica Robb's video reporting from a location in Canada went viral, Twitter was left concerned. In the clip, Robb reported news before her physical health started deteriorating on live television. Before the camera shot jumped to the studio, Jessica said:

"Sorry Nahreman. I'm, I'm, I'm not feeling very well right now, and I'm about to just..."

She was then interrupted by Issa, who stated:

"Okay, we'll come back to you and we'll make sure that Jessica, you are doing okay."

Issa also stated that she would update the viewers about Jessica's health and that she was not alone at the location of reporting.

After her footage went viral, several Twitter users were left concerned about Jessica's physical health and linked it to vaccine-related issues. Many pointed out that Robb's tweets were suddenly protected after she collapsed on live television. The young anchor had recently updated her Twitter that she had taken three doses of the Covid vaccine.

Some users also slammed the channel for trying to hide her condition from the public.

This is sickening. They are collapsing before our eyes, please pray this girl made it through. This is @ctvedmonton reporter Jessica Robb from earlier today having a 'medical emergency' live on the air during news. Biblical. #VaccineDeath #StoptheShotsNow #FauciLiedMillionsDied
@TheRealKeean She is not alone, no she sure isn't thousands of cases like this now, that apparently can't be explained. Unless you listen to Pfizer ceo talk about a 50% population reduction over 5 years, 2019-2023
Young #Edmonton #Canada #CTV reporter Jessica Robb slurs her words & almost falls over before they cut the live broadcast tonight. She shared in April 2022 that she was "feeling very lucky to be 3x #vaccinated”…
@wabbitwarrior @ctvedmonton From Jessica Robb - 20 minutes ago - still it seems sus and is she the only one with access to her Twitter??
Young Canadian reporter Jessica Robb slurs her words and appears to have a stroke on live television tonight. She has since tweeted that she is fine and previously shared in April 2022 that she was "feeling very lucky to be vaxxed x3." @KanekoaTheGreat
At least Jessica Robb was triple “vaxxed.” Her stroke on live TV could have been worse. 🙏 #StopTheShots
At least Jessica Robb was triple “vaxxed.” Her stroke on live TV could have been worse. 🙏 #StopTheShots
@KenWinsor4 This is so,so sad to watch ! Why didn’t people try harder to find out the truth before they let their bodies be punctured and injected with experimental chemicals. We will be seeing so many more of these all over the world !!
Soon all journalists & reporters will have to lock down their social media accounts. They won't be able to walk the streets. @jessicarobb_ it's time for your next Booster! Remember, for the it's for the "greater good". 🤡 Remember, the jabs are safe and effective, don't recant…
@ctvedmonton Why are you deleting comments about @jessicarobb_ ’s vaccination status after falling ill on screen?
@thevivafrei @JackBlaces @jessicarobb_ Confirmed multiple jibby jabs (regardless of whether that was responsible for the possible stroke) before account hidden.

After Robb almost collapsed on live television (before her account went private), she updated her well-wishers about her health condition on the social media platform.

Screenshot of Jessica Robb's tweet about her health.
Screenshot of Jessica Robb's tweet about her health.

Robb stated that she was feeling okay and thanked the studio reporter, her cameraman, and the people who reached out to her. The channel also tweeted an update about her health but gave no details about her condition.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Thanks to everyone who inquired about our reporter who became ill during the 6 p.m. News. Jessica Robb is feeling better and is now resting.

Brief background on Jessica Robb's career

According to her bio on CTV News, Robb is a native of Edmonton and is passionate about her career, reporting stories from her hometown.

She graduated from MacEwan University with a degree in Communications and a major in Journalism in June 2019. She began working as a reporter in the summer of that same year.

Aside from being a reporter, Jessica is a soccer player, a runner, and an amateur guitar player.

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