What did Verity Beck do? Pennsylvania woman charged over brutal murder of parents

Verity Beck has been charged with the murder and mutilation of her parents (Image via @JeffNadu))
Verity Beck has been charged with the murder and mutilation of her parents (Image via Twitter/@JeffNadu)

Verity Beck, a 49-year-old Pennsylvania woman, was arrested on Wednesday, January 18, for the alleged murder and dismemberment of her parents. The remains of 73-year-old Reid Beck and 72-year-old Miriam Beck were found in a home in Pennsylvania's Abington Township.

Trigger Warning: This article contains graphic details of a murder. Discretion advised.

Beck is being held without bail on charges of first and third-degree murder. The motive behind the crime remains unclear.

Investigators recovered a chainsaw as well as a number of firearms from the house. It is suspected that Verity Beck used the chainsaw to dismember the bodies.

Verity Beck's brother could not contact their parents after January 7

Verity Beck's brother, Justin, had let himself into the property in Abington where his sister lived with their parents. Justin was unable to contact Reid and Miriam on the phone after January 7, 2023, but he only received text messages from them.

Inside the house, Justin saw something that resembled a wrapped-up corpse. This prompted him to call 911, following which authorities arrived at the household and discovered the two dead and dismembered bodies.

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele shared details about the ongoing investigation in a press conference on Wednesday. He said that Verity Beck had told Justin that things between her and their parents were bad and when asked where Miriam and Reid were, she said that they were dead.

Describing the crime scene, Steele said that one of the officers saw one of the bodies wrapped tightly in a bedsheet while there was evidence of another body in the home. The officers also reported that signs of "extreme trauma" were present in the home.

Steele added said that the two bodies were transported to the Montgomery County Coroner's Officer. The coroner found that both people were victims of a gunshot wound to the head, and ruled the deaths as homicides.

Investigators are yet to narrow down the motive behind this double homicide. However, Steele said that a safe was found by officers in the Beck household and there were signs of someone having attempted to break inside it. He added that there was reason to believe that someone had been trying to break into the safe for quite some time.

Beck is currently being held at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility. She is not eligible for bail.

Miriam Beck was a school nurse

It has been revealed that Verity Beck's mother, Miriam, had a two-decade-long career as a school nurse.

The school district has also released a statement regarding Miriam's death. A part of the statement reads:

"We know that this may be a difficult time for those of you who have relationships with the Beck family. School counselors, staff and administrators are here to help, should you need it."

The statement also added that as a community, they all needed to "pull together" and check in on each other.

The statement further specifies that Miriam worked as a school nurse from 1998 to 2018.

As mentioned earlier, it is an ongoing investigation and Verity is being held by the police without bond.

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