When was Huw Edwards last seen on TV? Wife confirms BBC presenter hospitalised due to mental health issues

BBC presenter Huw Edwards comes under fire amidst Snapchat scandal (Image via BBC News)
BBC presenter Huw Edwards hasn't appeared on his flagship show for a week (Image via BBC News)

BBC anchor Huw Edwards has been hosting BBC News at Ten flagship show for several years. However, he has been absent from the show from over a week now.

Recently, a mother came forward to reveal to The Sun that an established BBC journalist had paid her child around 35,000 pounds in exchange for explicit pictures.

In May, the mother of the minor came forward to reveal that one of BBC’s male presenters was paying the teenager money for the past three years in exchange for explicit pictures, according to The Sun's report. The concerned parent also revealed that her child was using the money to fuel their drugs addiction.

BBC since revealed that the person in question was suspended. Many continued to speculate as to who was part of the scandal.

On 10th July, a lawyer representing the young person told the BBC that the claims made by the mother were "rubbish". Police have since been assessing information from the BBC about the allegations and are making enquiries to establish whether there is evidence of a criminal offence being committed.

Vicky Flind, the wife of Huw Edwards, said the following in her statement:

“In light of the recent reporting regarding the ‘BBC Presenter’, I am making this statement on behalf of my husband Huw Edwards, after what have been five extremely difficult days for our family. I am doing this primarily out of concern for his mental well-being and to protect our children."

She also added that the BBC presenter had suffered another episode and is now receiving in-patient hospital care. He'll be responding to all the stories and speculations once he's well enough to do so. Towards the conclusion of the statement, she said:

"In the circumstances and given Huw’s condition, I would like to ask that the privacy of my family and everyone else caught up in these upsetting events is respected. I know that Huw is deeply sorry that so many colleagues have been impacted by the recent media speculation. We hope this statement will bring that to an end."
“To be clear, Huw was first told that there were allegations being made against him last Thursday.

When was Huw Edwards last seen on television?

According to Twitter user @darkagenda, the journalist was last seen on the screen on 5th July when he covered King Charles’ visit to Scotland.

Twitter user @arnau1700 also stated that Edwards was scheduled to appear on The One Show that took place on July 6. However, another guest took his place.

Some also pointed out that he has a history of depression.

Huw Edwards has been battling depression since 2002. He has revealed in the past that the condition occasionally left him “bedridden” and that it would “hit [him] like a strong wave and then go away.”

In 2022, he shared that he began boxing alongside lightweight champion Clinton McKenzie to help him battle the same.

At the time of writing this article, Edwards had not responded to the accusations. He is married to television producer Vicky Flind and the couple are parents to five children.


Who has replaced Huw Edwards?

As Huw Edwards hasn't appeared on the show for more than a week, Reeta Chakrabarti has taken his position. The 58-year-old joined the news organization in 1993 and climbed up the ladder. She initially worked as a BBC Radio Leicester anchor. She went on to work as a reporter and producer for BBC News.

The journalist graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Oxford.

She has received many accolades during her tenure as a journalist including the Television Journalist of the Year award by the Royal Television Society.

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