Where was Jose Guerrero found? Two arrested as missing Virginia dad is discovered dead

Jose Guerrero (right) was allegedly stabbed by Olvin (left) and another suspect, (Images via @KatieLusso/Twitter)
Jose Guerrero (right) was allegedly stabbed by Olvin (left) and another suspect, (Images via @KatieLusso/Twitter)

The remains of missing Jose Guerrero have been discovered in a wooded area in Prince George's County, Maryland. Police have also arrested two suspects connected to the alleged crime, of which one has been identified as 19-year-old Olvin Ramirez, and the other is an unidentified 17-year-old male.

20-year-old Jose Guerrero was reported missing on December 21, 2022, after he left his house to run an errand. Jose’s family was fearing the worst after authorities found blood near his car that was found abandoned. The suspects currently face murder charges.

A GoFundMe page was launched five days back to meet Guerrero’s funeral expenses for which, an amount exceeding $15,500 has already been donated to the fundraiser. Guerrero’s family is trying to overcome Jose's loss, who left behind his 10-month-old daughter and girlfriend Sheila Perez.

Jose Guerrero was found dead a month after he was reported missing in Woodridge

On December 21, 2022, Jose Guerrero was reported missing. Two days later, police recovered his car near the Bel Air area and Jeffries Roads in Woodbridge. During the initial stages of the investigation, police believed that Jose was in danger and needed assistance.

He also had a 10-month-old daughter with his girlfriend Sheila Perez. In a recent turn of events, police believe they have discovered the body of Jose Guerrero in a wooded area. His heartbroken mother, Andrea Salgado, said,

“They have destroyed a part of us. He had a life ahead of him. Why did you do this? Why? It’s not what we wanted.”

Police have arrested two suspects who are allegedly connected to the murder of Jose Guerrero. Cops have identified one of them as Olvin Daniel Argueta Ramirez (19) and another 17-year-old male. According to police, the two suspects intended to rob Jose during a drug transaction in the Lost Canyon Court parking area. This led to an argument that turned violent when the two stabbed Jose Guerrero.

After Jose was unconscious, they brought him to Adelphi, Maryland, where they allegedly dumped his body in the woods. The two suspects then drove Jose’s car back to Bel Air Road, where police found it in an abandoned state.

Murder charges have been filed against the two suspects

Ruby Bermudez, a family friend of Jose stated:

“The guy who used to play soccer who was always there. I know he was gonna be a great dad, and I just want you guys to remember him like that.”

She further added,

“We never lost hope, but yesterday was a phone call you don’t wanna take.”

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to meet Jose’s funeral expenses. According to the post,

“Jose "Jr. " lit up the room with his smile and lived for his baby girl Avery, whom he worked hard to provide the best life for. Unfortunately, his life was cut short unexpectedly.”

Jose Guerrero’s family initially mentioned that they had spotted his iPhone near the area where his abandoned vehicle was found, two miles away from his residence. The 17-year-old unidentified male has been charged with robbery and murder, while Olvin has been charged with stabbing in the commission of a felony and murder.

Olvin and the other suspect face murder charges. Police have confirmed that Jose’s death was the result of a narcotic transaction gone terribly wrong.

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