What happened to Jose Guerrero? Search for missing Woodbridge father underway as family spots trail of blood from car to woods

A trail of blood has been found near Jose
A trail of blood has been found near Jose's abandoned car, (Images via @MaxJMarcilla and @KatieLusso/Twitter)

Twenty-year-old Jose Guerrero was reported missing on December 21, 2022 after he did not return from running an errand. Relatives of the Virginia resident are fearing the worst after police discovered blood near Jose’s car.

Jose Guerrero has a 10-month-old daughter with his girlfriend, Sheila Perez. According to Sheila, Jose did not tell him where he was going but informed him that he would be back in some time. Police recovered Jose’s abandoned Hyundai car near the Bel Air area and Jeffries Roads in Woodbridge.

Police are still searching for the missing 20-year-old, and have asked the public to contact them in case they know anything about Jose’s disappearance. Jose’s family blamed the police department for not taking the case seriously in the beginning.

Virginia man Jose Guerrero went missing after he left home to run an errand

On December 21, 2022, Jose Guerrero left his house to run some errands that his family members were not aware of. According to his girlfriend Sheila Perez, he said he would be back in five to ten minutes, but Guerrero did not return and was reported missing.

Two days after the incident, his abandoned car was recovered near the Bel Air area and Jeffries Roads in Woodbridge, Virginia. According to a tweet by the Prince William County Police Department, Jose Guerrero was last seen leaving his house on Lynn St at around 8 pm local time on December 21.

Police further stated:

“Jose is believed to be missing under suspicious circumstances and may be in need of assistance which qualifies him as endangered.”

Sheila mentioned that authorities had found blood in the car’s backseat, as well as a trail of blood from the car to the woods, which has the family worried even more. Sgt. Jonathan Perok of the Prince William County Police Department said,

“We have since worked on this case nonstop through the weekend and currently. We’ve conducted numerous searches and have followed up on multiple leads that have not yielded his location. What we need right now is information and cooperation, which we have not fully been getting from those connected to Jose.”

Police believe that the Virginia man had gone missing under “suspicious circumstances” after discovering a trail of blood

Jose's family is extremely concerned about his safety and his mother described how the holidays had been difficult without him. She told WTOP,

“There was no Christmas for us. We were waiting for my son. His daughter spent her first Christmas without her dad. It's not fair. Somebody needs to speak up.”

The police reportedly assumed that Jose Guerrero ran away and was not missing under “suspicious circumstances.” After discovering blood near Jose’s car, police now believe that he had gone missing under “suspicious circumstances.” Due to this, Sheila Perez blamed law enforcement officials for not taking the case seriously from the beginning.

Perok mentioned that when Jose was reported missing, there was nothing for them to conclude that he was in danger. Addressing the same, Perok said,

“At the time that he was reported missing, there was nothing to indicate that he was in trouble or anything like that. He is an adult. He was entered into the system as missing. Jose’s family and friends are still looking for clues that might lead them to the 20-year-old young father.”

Later, after discovering the trail of blood, law enforcement officials concluded that he could be in possible danger.

Jose Guerrero has been described as a Hispanic male with brown eyes and brown hair. He is 5’8” tall and weighs around 109 lbs. Jose was last seen wearing blue jeans, a blue sweater, and a black pair of shoes.

Police have urged anyone with information regarding the disappearance to contact the Prince William County Police Dept.

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