Where is Payton Gendron from? All about his parents as FBI interviews family of alleged Buffalo shooting suspect 

Payton Gendron threatened to shoot his classmates in June 2021. (Image via Twitter/@MarkNaughton9)
Payton Gendron threatened to shoot his classmates in June 2021. (Image via Twitter/@MarkNaughton9)

The FBI has interviewed the parents of Payton Gendron, the accused Buffalo shooter, and has executed a number of search warrants in relation to his alleged May 14 attack.

On May 15, Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said during a press conference that New York State troopers and FBI investigators visited Gendron's house on Sunday, a day after the shootout, to speak with his parents, who had been cooperating with police.

Gramaglia told reporters that authorities were acquiring and carrying out search warrants on Gendron's house, vehicle, social media activity, digital footprint, and gadgets, including phones and computers.

Meet Paul & Pamela Gendron. They are Payton Gendron's Parents. Payton lived with them all his life, what did his parents know? Are both of his parents Deaf? Dumb? Blind? OR are they COMPLICIT in their son's act of BLATANT Anti-Black American Terrorism? #NoAntiBlackRacism

When asked if officials believe any additional people were involved in the Buffalo mass shooting, Gramaglia told reporters:

"This investigation is showing that he did this by himself. We are again looking into some other aspects that we're not going to get into."

The head police officer also stated that law enforcement authorities had acquired warrants and would continue to do so "at both the state and federal levels."

Not even a week ago, body cam footage was finally released of cops killing Quadry Sanders, an unarmed black man with his hands up. 15 shots were fired. Today we watch an armed Payton Gendron be brought in alive, after slaughtering 10 people in Buffalo. This is America. I’m tired.

18-year-old Payton is suspected of driving roughly 200 miles from his family's home to the Buffalo Tops Friendly Market on Saturday afternoon and carrying out a massacre that murdered ten people.

According to reports, Payton intentionally investigated the demographics of the neighborhood in order to target a primarily black community.

More about Payton Gendron and his family

Paul & Pamela Gendron are the parents of the Buffalo Mass Shooter. Payton is only 18 years old 😒 Racism is alive & well and being taught at home 🏡 This is why they don’t want Critical race theory taught in schools because they don’t want us to Un-brainwash their racist Azz kids

Payton Gendron is a native of Conklin, New York. His parents, Paul and Pamela Gendron, work as civil engineers with the state Department of Transportation, as per the law-enforcement sources and online records.

According to ABC News, the teenager was a past student at Broome County Community College, where he desired to be an engineer like his parents.

Terry Place, who lives a few houses down from the Gendrons in Conklin, said his family had the usual neighborly exchanges with the shooter's parents — and only recalled Payton as their old paperboy.

Here is the gun used by white supremacist #PaytonGendron when he carried out his anti-Black terrorism attack in Buffalo. The gun has the words “Buck Status: Broken”, which is a reference to my film Buck Breaking. Alt-right trolls on 4chan & Reddit use that phrase often

According to preliminary results, Payton had routinely accessed sites espousing white supremacist ideas and race-based conspiracy theories. He had even extensively researched the 2019 mosque murders in Christchurch, New Zealand, and the person who killed several people at a Norwegian summer camp in 2011.

The shooting comes almost a year after the authorities at Susquehanna Valley High School, Payton Gendron's former school, asked the officials of the New York State Police to investigate the shooter after he made threats to shoot fellow classmates.

The FBI has subsequently set up a website for anyone with information on the Saturday incident. Anyone with knowledge of the attack is requested to call the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324).

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