Where to watch the KSI Show: Date, time, tickets, cost, and all you need to know 

Image via The Telegraph
Image via The Telegraph

YouTuber KSI announced that he will be releasing his new show named "the KSI show" on his YouTube channel. The English rapper also announced the release date, and claimed this would be the biggest show ever done by a YouTuber.

He also revealed that YouTuber Logan Paul will be appearing on the show as well. The two have been popularly known for their beef since November 2019.

The 28 year old was planning to conduct the show but due to travel restrictions imposed during the pandemic, he had to opt for an online livestream.


The British singer implored everyone to buy tickets for the show instead of trying to illegally stream it online for free from dubious websites. KSI revealed he had spent over 2 million pounds on production and had worked really hard for his show. He stated:

“I’m not going to let some random person steal it. If people do try, there will be people actively working to take it down if it’s twitch, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter. We have people on every platform making sure and watching everywhere to make sure it doesn’t get illegally streamed.”

When will the KSI show release?

The KSI Show will be releasing on 17th July 2021, a day after his new album All Over The Place will be released. The show has been produced by Lane Entertainment and Golab Dust films.

The singer will be performing his latest album along with fan favorites.

KSI also revealed that he had writers from popular American sitcom American Dad write comedy bits for the show. He also claimed to have people who have worked with the BRITS, Grammy’s and the Super Bowl Halftime Show working on the project.

The show’s website describes it as a “once in a lifetime experience.” During the show fans will get to see the story of KSI’s past, present and future along with special guests. There will also be exclusive merch available only for that night.

The show can be streamed in all countries and fans can buy tickets even in the middle of the show. The KSI show will air at 8PM BST.

Fans can buy a normal ticket for 15 pounds from MomentHouse.com and view the show on their website as well.

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