"White for surrender": Donald Trump Caucus Captain white hat theories swirl as fashion choice sparks hilarious reactions online

Donald Trump Holds Presidential Campaign Event In Indianola, Iowa
Donald Trump holds presidential campaign event In Indianola, Iowa. (Image via Getty/ Scott Olson)

Former US President Donald Trump was present at a campaign rally on a college campus in Indianola, Iowa. He held the rally on Sunday, January 14, 2024, before the upcoming 2024 presidential elections.

The Guardian reported that Iowans beat freezing temperatures to attend Donald Trump's rally. Many were seen wearing layers of woolen garments and a white hat with the text “Trump caucus captain” sewn on them, in golden.

Donald Trump also wore the same hat and images of the same began flooding social media sites, sparking hilarious reactions. People took to X to comment under a tweet shared by @LaineyWasi with one person even stating that the hat was "white for surrender."

“Trump just showed up”: Internet has wild reactions to Donald Trump’s Caucus Captain white hat

As mentioned earlier, hundreds of Iowans gathered on Sunday during a campaign rally for Donald Trump, a night before the state is set for its Republican caucus. Quoting the statistics they obtained, The Guardian noted that Trump is "set to win Iowa’s first-in-nation vote in the Republican presidential nomination race by a record margin.”

Sources from prominent Iowa pollster Ann Selzer reportedly showed that Trump had the support of nearly 48 percent of caucus goers. This beat Nikki Haley who has 20 percent, followed by Ron DeSantis at 16 percent and Vivek Ramaswamy at 8 percent.

The former U.S. President took a dig at many of his opponents and made several controversial statements. However, to several netizens what stood out was his wearing a white hat with golden letters stating, “Trump Caucus Captain.”

As soon as the images and videos from the rally became viral, netizens pointed out that Donald Trump had never worn any other colored hats apart from the red one. His usual red hat had the letters "MAGA" written on them in white.

As a result, his donning a white hat was deemed as a power move. Netizens wondered if it perhaps represented that he had better chances of winning as compared to his three GOP rivals, thus, closing in on his race to the White House. In the wake of Trump’s brand-new fashion choice which is perhaps politically strategic, netizens had a lot of thoughts that they shared on X. While some wondered if anyone had ever seen Trump in a white hat before, others made jokes about him wearing a white hat.

Trump also delivered a seemingly moving speech which was met with the applause of over 500 supporters at the Simpson College auditorium in Indianola.

As per The Guardian, the 77-year-old politician and businessman spoke for an hour and a half. From talking about an impending world war to claiming that the Joe Biden administration was starting to crumble to calling President Joe Biden “crooked,” Donald Trump seemed to have quite a lot to say.

“Unlike Ron and Nikki, we will always protect Medicare and social security for our great seniors. We are not going to hurt our seniors.” Trump added.

Speaking about his Republican opponents, Trump claimed that Ron DeSantis was disloyal. He stated that he was the one who backed DeSantis as the Florida Governor. Trump then went on to claim that Haley had “some really bad money behind her,” and was working for “people that don’t necessarily love our country.”

“These caucuses are your personal chance to score the ultimate victory over all of the liars, cheaters, thugs, perverts, frauds, crooks, freaks, creeps, and other quite nice people.” Trump told the Iowa crowd.

He also showered praises on rightwing supporters Laura Loomer and Nigel Farage, who have consistently supported him online and otherwise. He went on to praise Wisconsin congressman Derrick Van Orden and North Dakota governor Doug Burgum. Both of them had dropped out of the GOP presidential race last month, saying how they endorsed him.

Donald Trump also urged Iowa voters to turn out for the caucus even if they were “sick as a dog” and “vote and then pass away,” in the freezing temperatures. He also slammed climate protesters who called him a “criminal,” telling one of them to “go home to mommy.”

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