Who is Amanda Kohberger? Bryan Kohberger sister's horror slasher movie goes viral for eerie resemblance to Idaho murders 

The film is Amanda Kohberger
The film is Amanda Kohberger's only acting credit (image via Mont Alto Film Project)

On Friday, December 30, 28-year-old Bryan Kohberger was arrested for the fatal stabbings of four University of Idaho students in Moscow, Idaho.

As authorities and investigators dug deeper into the suspect's background, they discovered that his sister, Amanda Kohberger, had acted in a slasher film that has since gone viral due to its resemblance to the massacre. The film, titled Two Days Back, depicts the stabbings of several college students.

In an interview with TMZ, Two Days Back director Kevin Boon told reporters that he was shocked by the connection between his film and the recent November 13 massacre. He stated that Amanda Kohberger never mentioned her brother during the filming.

Meauwww reported that 34-year-old Amanda Kohberger is currently based in Pennsylvania, where she works as a licensed school counselor. She was present, along with the rest of the suspect's family, during the judicial proceedings.

The parallels between Two Days Back and Kohberger's alleged crime

As per Letterboxd media, Two Days Back follows a group of "environmentally conscious students" who travel to a mountainous area to investigate illegal foresting. However, over the course of their journey, members of their group start to disappear as a killer takes them out one by one. In the film, Amanda Kohberger plays Lori, one of the many young people targeted by the murderer.

As netizens look into the suspect's life, the film has resurfaced due to alleged similarities to the crime, though the only true similarities are that both the film and the Moscow, Idaho, case involved college students who were stabbed.

Fox reported that in the November 13 case, the suspect was accused of entering the home of the University of Idaho students before stabbing the four victims to death in the early hours of the morning. Two roommates, who were also in the home at the time, were not harmed in the attack.

The New York Post reported that throughout the course of the investigation, the suspect's cell phone activity indicated that he had been in the area of the victims' homes at least 12 times prior to the killing. Authorities claimed that he stalked them for days and scouted the vicinity in order to plan the stabbings.

In an interview with New York Post reporters, Kevin Boon exclaimed his shock at the connection between the real killings and his 2011 film.

He said:

"You're (....) kidding me. Her brother is that guy? Goddamn, man, holy cow."

Discussing Kohberger's sister, Boon said:

“I remember her well. I directed the movie, wrote the movie, I cast her. She is a lovely woman, who was very nice. I liked her a lot.”

In an interview with NBC reporters, Monroe County Chief Public Defender Jason LaBar said that the suspect's family does not believe he is guilty.

LeBar said:

"They don’t believe it to be Bryan. They can’t believe this. They’re obviously shocked. This is certainly completely out of character, the allegations, and really they’re just trying to be supportive with the understanding that these four families have suffered loss."

If convicted of the murders, the suspect could receive the death penalty.

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