Who was Ducky P? Internet pays tribute as rapper allegedly shot and killed in Dallas

Rapper Ducky P was allegedly shot to death (Image via YouTube/Sperry Springer)
Rapper Ducky P was allegedly shot to death (Image via YouTube/Sperry Springer)
Anupal Sraban Neog

Rapper Ducky P’s fans were shocked after reading the news of his alleged death. The report has been doing rounds over the internet, but none of the claims have been officially verified until now.

Since learning about the alleged death of Ducky P, his fans have reacted to the same on social media. Here are a few.

One user said he interviewed the rapper and shared a video featuring him. Though online reports say he was allegedly shot to death, confirmation is still awaited from the police, his family, and friends. He shared a picture with a black background in his last Instagram post.

Another teenage rapper, YNT Juan, was shot dead last month in Connecticut. YNT Juan was 17-years-old. His childhood friend Jannie said that he never went live on Instagram to talk about drama and went there to support his friends and promote his music.

Everything to know about Ducky P

Ducky P in Ain't Goin Like CJ (Image via YouTube/Go Yayo)
Ducky P in Ain't Goin Like CJ (Image via YouTube/Go Yayo)

Also known as Bornpay Ducky P, he is originally from Texas and based in Florida. Ducky P's age is unknown until now, and they had more than 15,000 followers on Instagram. The rapper’s bio describes him as “DemonWithGlasses. BornpaidCeo. Pond Digger.”

He had almost 164,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and gained recognition for his songs on YouTube like No Matter What I Do and Burry Me. His latest video was uploaded three weeks ago, titled Lookin’, and it features him and fellow rapper Bp Trouble. Apart from all this, information related to his private life remains unknown for now.


Rumors have recently sparked online that he died in his hometown. It says that a suspect fired shots at him when he was in a vehicle. Medical professionals arrived on the scene following the incident, but he succumbed to his injuries by then.

As mentioned earlier, news of his death has not yet been confirmed. Ducky P’s family and friends are yet to comment or confirm the reports. Even the cops have not revealed anything related to this rumor.

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