Who is Evan Kardon? TikTok controversy explained as influencer exposed for allegedly texting minors

Evan Kardon exposed for texting minors (image via Instagram)
Evan Kardon exposed for texting minors (image via Instagram)

TikToker Evan Kardon has been exposed for his alleged predatory behavior, which involved texting minor girls on Instagram.

Powerlifter Evan faces heat (image via Instagram)
Powerlifter Evan faces heat (image via Instagram)

TikTok is popular for its short-form entertainment videos, but more so for its informative ones. The powerlifting and workout community, known as GymTok, has banded together to cancel the famous powerlifter after he was exposed for his alleged inappropriate messages to underage girls.

Who is Evan Kardon?

Evan Kardon is an American powerlifter and bodybuilder who is also a fitness influencer on TikTok, with over 750k followers to his handle, @enterkardon. He shares similar content on Instagram with his 20,000 followers. He also shares content about his wife and child.

Kardon was born on September 26, 1994, and is native to Raleigh, North Carolina. The 28-year-old TikTok star used to run cross-country and play baseball, tennis, and basketball in high school, following which he started lifting. He is known for his large build and intense lifts.

Evan is a vegan powerlifter who condemns the consumption of meat and meat-based products. He even promotes a completely plant-based lifestyle along with plant-derived protein shakes.

Evan's Instagram page is still active, but his TikTok is not (image via Instagram)
Evan's Instagram page is still active, but his TikTok is not (image via Instagram)

In some interviews, he stated that he is not well-liked by the powerlifting community or GymTok due to his nonchalant demeanor. He claimed not to be afraid to say what was on his mind, a quality that contributed to his massive following.

Though Evan has not competed professionally since 2019, he rose to fame on social media for his deadlift videos. He is famous for sharing other fitness influencers performing certain exercises and then following that video with one of his own by completely defeating them.

His first TikTok was posted in November 2021, where he was seen deadlifting 705 pounds. As of 2022, he can deadlift 855 pounds.

Kardon allegedly texting minors

A TikTok user named Mr. Goob @mrgoobreturns posted a video on October 5, 2022, detailing how he discovered that Kardon was sending messages to girls who were 16 years old or younger.

A decoy account was set up by another powerlifter named Arlind (Arlindthezerg on Instagram), who often does these kinds of exposes on his YouTube channel. The decoy account showed an extensive page of a girl who still attends high school and claimed to be sixteen years old.

Mr. Goob continues to show a series of texts wherein the influencer messages this decoy account thinking he's conversing with a minor. He continued striking up a conversation with her despite knowing her age. He even invited her to his hometown in NC, where he lives.

Mr. Goob exposes the text chain (image via TikTok)
Mr. Goob exposes the text chain (image via TikTok)

Several members of GymTok have banded together to cancel the powerlifter, who is now restricted from his account and has only around 700 followers as of today.

The only video on his account is one where two young girls are deadlifting small weights, following which he shows off his 800-pound deficit deadlift with the caption, "Tag @tiktok to get them to unban me."

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