"Who was it": BTS' Jungkook hilariously calls out the person leaking his digital single 3D preview ahead of the Global Citizen Festival performance

(Images via Twitter/etnow and MTVMusicUK)
(Images via Twitter/etnow and MTVMusicUK)

During the Global Citizen Festival, BTS' Jungkook found himself in a playful yet frustrating situation when a preview of his upcoming single 3D was unexpectedly leaked. Although he was disappointed by this premature release, he chose to inject some humor into the situation by playfully questioning who might be responsible.

The incident unfolded as Jungkook had intended to surprise fans by unveiling a teaser of his song on the big screen after his performance. However, this plan went awry when someone leaked the clip hours ahead of time, and to Jungkook's surprise, it was even displayed in front of the audience before he took the stage. To address this unexpected leak, he discussed the matter during a Weverse live session following his performance.

BTS' Jungkook playfully addresses his disappointment over the leak of his upcoming song's preview

BTS’ Jeon Jungkook made the headliner at the Global Citizen Festival of 2023. He stunned the audiences and everyone present at the venue with his stellar performance of songs like Seven, Still With You, Euphoria and Dynamite. However, an unexpected event circled around this show as revealed by the star himself hours after the performance.

As September 23 saw the official announcement of Jungkook’s upcoming solo project, 3D with American singer, Jack Harlow, instead of being completely satisfied, a tinge of disappointment bothered the BTS member.

He did a Weverse live after his stint on the stage in the same clothes that he was wearing during the performance and talked about various things with the ARMYs. During the live, he took the opportunity to address the unexpectedly disappointing event that happened.

This incident was that his song’s preview was released before he had scheduled and planned for its official release. He wanted to surprise the fans with a sudden announcement of his upcoming project. However, its unexpected pre-release became a point of disappointment. And this wasn’t the only thing that bothered him. He also mentioned that someone had secretly recorded him while rehearsing the unreleased song.

While maintaining his calm demeanor, he playfully asked the fans via the live session about who was behind all this. He also added,

“There’s such a thing as surprises, you know!”

As an artist, BTS' Jungkook is well aware that spoilers are always happening, especially because of social media's reign. Even so, the release of any kind of project is an extremely important event in any artist's life and it was only reasonable for the BTS star to be disappointed or frustrated for his announcement to not go according to his plan.

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