Who was Lil Tuda? Real name and all about a 14-year-old drill rapper as he's shot and killed

Lil Tuda was shot dead and he was 14 years old (Image via Jade Jackson/Facebook)
Lil Tuda was shot dead and he was 14 years old (Image via Jade Jackson/Facebook)

Rapper Lil Tuda, who was 14 years old, was recently shot dead in Chicago on June 17, 2023, at 4:45 p.m. The incident happened in the 100 block of South Homan Avenue. Tuda was immediately taken to Stroger Hospital in critical condition and was later declared dead.

Apart from Tuda, another boy was shot and taken to the same hospital. His condition was critical, and other details were not revealed. ABC 7 Chicago stated that among the victims, the first died after being shot in the head, and the second victim had multiple gunshot wounds in the body.

Chicago community activist Andrew Holmes spoke to ABC 7 Chicago, describing the entire incident as a tragedy and saying he was not happy with everything that happened.

"Father's Day, Juneteenth, celebrating for what? Until we can stop this gun violence, Black-on-Black crime, and get these individuals in custody, then talk to me. But, we got two babies, two babies here," he added.
"So, how are their fathers going to be happy? How are their mothers going to be happy? How is this family going to be happy? It's wrong. Turn these individuals in," Holmes continued.

Lil Tuda was a rising star in the hip-hop industry

Lil Tuda was a member of DMG (Image via Melly Scoom/Facebook)
Lil Tuda was a member of DMG (Image via Melly Scoom/Facebook)

Lil Tuda was also known as Timothy Lockhart, and he was a rising star in the rap world. The 16th and 17th District Chicago Police Scanner posted a tweet on Monday, writing that Tuda was reportedly a member of the DMG (Dirty Money Gang), which is a branch of Gangster Disciples and Black P. Stones.

According to a Facebook post by ChitownCrimechasers-CCC, Chicago Police received reports of two people being shot on the corner of Adams & Homan. After arriving at the place, they discovered Timothy with gunshot wounds on the ground.


The Facebook post also stated that the other victim was his brother Jaylan, and CPD is searching for a stolen grey car, which is reported to be wanted in the shooting incident. Anyone with details of the shooting incident was asked to contact Chicago Police, 11th District, at (312) 746-8386.

An investigation has been launched to find other details, and suspects are yet to be arrested.

Rappers who were shot dead in 2023


While Lil Tuda was shot dead on the weekend, the hip-hop industry has lost two other rappers this year. The first is AKA, also known as Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, who was shot dead outside a restaurant on February 10, 2023. He was confirmed to be dead on the spot and was 35 years old at the time of his death.

The next is Pacho El Antifeka, who was shot dead on June 1, 2023; he was 42 years old. The incident happened at the Plaza Tropical shopping center in Puerto Rico.

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