Who is Peng Dang? Tony Hinchliffe under fire for hurling “racist” remarks at Asian Comedian

(Image via Daily News)
(Image via Daily News)

American comedian Tony Hinchliffe has received a lot of criticism for his remarks against Asian comedian Peng Dang. At the beginning of the show, which was held at Big Laugh Comedy in Austin a week ago, Peng Dang introduced Tony Hinchcliffe, the latter made a few derogatory and "racist" remarks towards Peng Dang. "How about one more time, for the filthy little f**g c**k that was just up here?" Tony Hinchliffe said.

The incident shocked Peng Dang and other colleagues who had joined him in leaving the venue after feeling disrespected. Peng explained that in the 11 years that he had lived in America, he had never encountered anyone who referred to him in that manner.

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Tony faces backlash for racist comments

Peng Dang introduced comedian Tony Hinchcliffe, soon after Tony began, Peng was on the receiving end of the "racist" statements made by Tony and was taken aback by the terms used against him. While it did not offer any support for the jokes and was just an excuse to say something offensive and deragitory.

Tony Hinchcliffe has not addressed his comments, but the controversy has already led to consequences for the comedian. Tony was supposed to do a show with Joe Rogan but after the incident he was removed from the upcoming show. Fans are wondering why he made those comments and awaiting a response from the comedian.

Who is Peng Dang?

Peng Dang is a Chinese comedian who immigrated from China at the age of 25 and is now based in Dallas, Texas. Peng had a lot of inspiration to become a comedian after seeing comics such as Jimmy O Yang, Qizhi, and Da Bing. Peng is now 35 and performs stand-up comedy in the US. He performs regularly at prestigious clubs due to the fact that he is a member of "Stars of Tomorrow".

Peng is also a public figure who uses his platforms to talk about serious issues, including the #StopAsianHate hashtag and trying to inform people on how much they bring to the table as a whole.

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