Who is Salvador Ramos? Texas Governor Greg Abbott identifies primary suspect in Uvalde school shooting

Salvador Ramos is the reported Robb elementary school shooter( Image via Instagram)
Salvador Ramos is the reported Robb elementary school shooter( Image via Instagram)

Texas Governor Greg Abbott identified Salvador Ramos, 18, as the man suspected of killing and shooting 15 students at an elementary school in Uvalde on Tuesday.


Salvador Ramos was a Uvalde inhabitant. During a news conference, Abbott said that he opened fire on the school around 11:30 a.m., killing 14 children and one instructor.

Abbott said:

"He abandoned his vehicle and entered into Robb Elementary School in Uvalde with a handgun鈥攁nd he may have also had a rifle, but that is not yet confirmed. He shot and killed, horrifically, incomprehensibly, 14 students and killed a teacher."

According to Abbott, he was shot and murdered by police following the shooting.

All about Salvador Ramos, the one who carried out the shooting

According to the San Antonio television station KSAT, Salvador Ramos was a current or past student at Uvalde High School. He allegedly shot his grandmother before the school incident, and her health is unknown. As per Sen Roland Gutierrez, It is also known that Ramos perhaps hinted at the attack via a social media post, where it was suggested that 'kids should watch out'

It is also reported that Ramos left his car outside the school and entered the premises while wearing body armor.

馃嚭馃嚫 | #LO脷LTIMO | #SalvadorRamos de 18 a帽os primero asesin贸 a su abuela en su casa y despu茅s fu茅 a su escuela en #Uvalde (Texas) asesinando a 15 personas, se enfrent贸 a la polic铆a y muri贸.Hay 12 heridos de gravedad actualmente.

More on the Shooting

The incident, the deadliest case since Sandy Hook in 2012, is still being investigated. It happened just a few days before the school year ended on May 26.

It was also Texas' bloodiest school firing ever. Much of the information remained unknown to the public Tuesday evening, including Ramos's possible motive and whether he knew any victims.

An alert on the school's website advises parents not to pick up their children.

How was this not a red flag just four days ago! The stupidest things get banned from social media but this psycho SALVADOR RAMOS posts his murder weapons and nobody cares.He is the Robb Elementary School Shooter in Uvalde Texas. RIP to all accept the killer

Uvalde Medical Center reported it received 13 children for treatment, two of whom were transported to hospitals in San Antonio (approximately 85 miles east), and one more is awaiting transfer. Several pupils were hospitalized in local hospitals' emergency rooms for injuries sustained during the horrific shooting, and their families were alerted.

According to KSAT, officials believe Ramos was the sole shooter. It's also unclear whether he was known to the police before the incident.

Salvador Ramos purchased 2 assault rifles from a DEALER on his 18th birthday.When @GregAbbott_TX changed to laws on open carry many people saw the intent as a means to harm Black people.It appears that plan has gone horribly wrong.鈥

The Bexar County Sheriff's Office and the San Antonio Police Department have stated that they will send resources to assist with the police response. The state Department of Public Safety and the Texas Rangers are aiding in the inquiry, as is the Houston office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

Local citizens have been asked to donate blood by the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center, as hospitals in the area were already short on blood before the massacre.

This is the 27th school firing this year, and it comes after a string of tragic mass shootings this month. A shooting at a church in Southern California the next day killed one person and injured many others, primarily Taiwanese congregants.

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