TikTok school shooting challenge on December 17th sparks concern and awareness among parents, police 

December TikTok challenge leaves parents concerned (Image via Reuters)
December TikTok challenge leaves parents concerned (Image via Reuters)

Student's parents have expressed concern after the TikTok trend of December has been announced. The trend, which is said to be carried out in the States on December 17, is now being viewed as a 'national threat.'

This month's TikTok challenge includes gun violence taking place in school campuses on December 17.

The TikTok challenge was created after several school shootings have unfortunately taken place in the States in the past few years.

This is not the only jaw-dropping challenge that has been created for teenagers. The "slap a teacher" challenge and the "devious lick" challenge also left netizens baffled.

Police plan to "monitor the situation" after TikTok challenge arises

As more video clips of the TikTok trend go around, some students have unsurprisingly decided not to attend school on the 17th to protect themselves.

Who created the TikTok challenge remains unclear. No other evidence of a school shooting occurring on Friday, other than TikTok videos, has been collected by law enforcement.

Police officers across America have assured students and their parents not to worry. School officials have also responded to worrisome speculation.

A few educational institutions have stated that they will take action if the need arises.

A Fairfax County Police officer has told ABC 7:

“Our office has not been made aware of any such threat. We will continue to monitor the situation. Please follow our social media channels for any updates.”

To add, Prince William Co. Police have stated that they "haven't heard" of any threats.

Several parents are weary of sending their children to school on December 17. A few concerned parents commented on the matter:

“My youngest’ school has a shooter threat tomorrow. This is apparently a TikTok challenge that many teens across the country have taken part in lately. We’re told, “oh no, it’s just a threat.” Just?? So yeah… there’s that.”
“A trend going around TikTok stating on December 17th kids should shoot up schools, again the police department determined there is no real threat. At this point, I’m terrified and just want to keep her home tomorrow and Friday. Am I being too paranoid?”

Another said:

“So my school sent an email about a TikTok trend where a bunch of schools are sent a school sh00ting threat and now I’m staying home the next two days Not sure what to think about it”

A Montgomery County representative stated that they were aware of the threat but that they are deemed non-credible as the threats have been made "in many communities and across the country." They also stated that they will be monitoring social media while consulting with the police.

Edited by Mason J. Schneider