Who was Tiba Al Ali? Honor killing of Iraqi YouTuber sparks global outrage as alleged voice recordings surface 

Iraqi YouTuber Tiba Al Ali was strangled to death by her own father (Image via Noor Alanizi/Twitter and Tiba Al Ali/YouTube)
Iraqi YouTuber Tiba Al Ali was strangled to death by her own father (Image via Noor Alanizi/Twitter and Tiba Al Ali/YouTube)

On January 31, Iraqi YouTuber Tiba Al Ali died at the hands of her father after the latter reportedly strangled her to death. The news of her murder, which sparked major outrage across the world, was announced by interior ministry spokesperson Saad Maan.

Maan said police previously attempted to resolve the dispute between Ali and her family members “in a definitive manner” but were left shocked by the killing:

“We were surprised the next day… with the news of her killing at the hands of her father, as he admitted in his initial confessions.”
#BREAKING: #BNNTurkey Reports.22-year-old Tiba al-Ali, who fled Iraq and came to Turkey in 2017, was known for the videos she shared on social media. The young woman fell victim to a horrific murder that her family had planned. #Turkey #Murder #honorkilling #Iraq #Woman

An anonymous police source told AFP that the “dispute” dated back several years after Ali traveled to Turkey with her family in 2017 but refused to return home and decided to settle in the country.

Reports suggest that Ali’s father was reportedly unhappy with her decision to live in Turkey by herself. Her father, whose identity was not revealed by local media, reportedly turned himself in to the police and confessed about killing his daughter, saying he wanted to “wash away the shame.”

هذه التسجيلات الصوتية هي آخر ما تمكّنت الشابة طيبة علي من تسريبه إلى صديقاتها، قبل أن يقتلها والدها خنقاً، أمس الأربعاء، بسبب كشفها اغتصاب شقيقها لها، عام 2017.1/2#حق_طيبة_العلي #حق_طيبة

In the wake of the brutal honor killing, alleged voice recordings from a conversation between Ali and her father surfaced online. Human rights defender Hanaa Edwar said that the audio revealed that Ali allegedly “left her family because she was s*xually assaulted by her brother.”

While the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights also made similar allegations in reference to the audio, the voice recording remains officially unverified.

What is known about Tiba Al Ali?

Tiba Al Ali was a 22-year-old Iraqi YouTube star who gained a significant following on the platform by sharing daily life videos along with her fiance. Unfortunately, the social media influencer recently became a victim of honor killing and was murdered by her own father.

She reportedly visited Turkey in 2017 and decided to start a new life in the country. Ali refused to return home with her family and eventually settled in Turkey with her Syrian-born partner.


However, Ali’s family allegedly kidnapped her after she returned to Iraq to support her country's football team in the Arabian Gulf Cup in January. She was reportedly drugged and taken back to her family home in Al-Qadisiyyah Governorate.

As per local media reports, Ali was sleeping in her room when her father strangled her to death. The latter turned himself in to the police and confessed to the killing. No other information about Tiba Al Ali’s personal life is available at the time of writing.

Tiba Al Ali’s tragic death sparks uproar on social media

Tiba Al Ali's honor killing sparked protest across the globe (Image via Tiba Al Ali/YouTube)
Tiba Al Ali's honor killing sparked protest across the globe (Image via Tiba Al Ali/YouTube)

Iraqi YouTuber Tiba Al Ali’s honor killing sparked major outrage online. Social media users in Iraq, as well as netizens from across the globe, largely condemned the murder.

Several Iraqis have also called for protests in Baghdad on Sunday, February 5, to demand justice in response to Ali’s death. Meanwhile, many continued to call out the brutal incident on Twitter:

Women in our societies are hostage to backward customs due to the absence of legal deterrents & gov measures - which currently are not commensurate with the size of domestic violence crimes. Yes to legislating the Anti-Domestic Violence Law. #طيبة_العلي
#Tiba is Another case of domestic crime in Iraq. She has been harassed by her brother and killed by her father ( honur killing ) according to leaks from her friend( threatened too) with failure of sec. forces to intervene although she called for that.…
Hearing that the young woman had come to Iraq, her family kidnapped Tiba al-Ali. Her father strangled her on the pretext of "honor." The murderer's father, who surrendered, stated that he was uncomfortable with the young woman living alone in Turkey.
This is Tiba al-Ali from Iraq,an 'honour k1lling' victim. Her father killed her because he could not tolerate her choice to live independently in Turkey.From Iraq to Afghanistan to Iran to Pakistan,women are made to carry the 'honor' of insecure men & it can cost them their lives
Tiba was k.illed by her own father after her family has lured her back home, under the title of “Shame-washing” and “Honor-protecting”, honor that for some reason is always attached to women and girls and turns a blind eye to any act or cr.ime that the family’s men commit.
Tiba - Al - Ali, you tube star killed by her father.. people are protesting all over.
Until the Iraqi authorities adopt robust legislation to protect women and girls from gender-based violence, we will inevitably continue to witness horrific murders such as that suffered by Tiba Ali, apparently at the hands of her own father.
Iraq has failed to criminalize domestic violence despite an increase in reporting of incidents of domestic violence by national NGOs. Shockingly, the Iraqi penal code still treats leniently so called “honour crimes" comprising violent acts such as assault and even murder.

While Ali’s father is currently under investigation for her murder, Iran’s Penal Code allegedly says that he can also escape jail time by declaring the death an “honour killing.” Under the code, judges are reportedly allowed to impose lenient sentences on people who kill for “honourable motives.”

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