10 K-pop idols with personal YouTube channels you should subscribe to

Taeyong, Jennie, Solar and Wonho (Images via their official Instagram)
Taeyong, Jennie, Solar and Wonho (Images via their official Instagram)

As many idols from K-pop groups have started debuting as solo artists in recent times, it is becoming increasingly common for them to start their own YouTube channel.

The primary purpose of these channels is to promote the idols' solo projects. However, they also provide the idols an opportunity to get closer to fans by exhibiting their individuality that often gets overshadowed in a group setting.

This article rounds up a list of some popular and active idol-run YouTube channels that offer everything from fun vlogs to chatty mukbangs that will definitely entertain fans.

From BLACKPINK's Jennie to NCT's Taeyong: 10 idols with interesting YouTube channels



Lisa was the first member of BLACKPINK to start her own YouTube channel in 2018. Called Lilifilm Official, the channel is has different kinds of content, from behind-the-scenes videos to vlogs.

The Money singer has posted vlogs of her trying DIY experiments, introducing viewers to her pets, reacting to her music videos, and unboxing her own photobook.

2) BLACKPINK's Jennie


Jennie launched her YouTube channel, Jennierubyjane Official, with a video titled "Hello World. From Jennie" on her 25th birthday. The channel made history by gaining 1 million subscribers in just seven hours since its launch.

The idol posts self-care videos as well as fashion and travel vlogs on the channel. In a video, she has also reacted to fans' comments on her previous videos.



Rosé followed bandmates Lisa and Jennie to become the third BLACKPINK member to launch her own YouTube channel in 2021. Titled Rosesarerosie, she started the channel soon after her solo debut.

The first video she posted was an interview for her debut single On The Ground. Since then, she has posted song covers, BTS footage from her sets, and a baking vlog.

4) Mamamoo's Solar


Solar's channel (solarsido) is arguably one of the most interesting and active idol-run channels on YouTube. The singer regularly posts videos of herself catching up on YouTube trends, working out, and collaborating with other artists, all with a catchy intro.

Mukbang videos are uploaded as part of the Solar Eats series and workout videos are uploaded as part of Solar Fit. Her collaboration videos with other celebrities and singers can be found under the Just Interview and Part Exchange series on her channel.

5) Mamamoo's Moonbyul


Moonbyul started her YouTube channel, moonbyul2da, in December 2021. The first video showed her going through the process of starting the channel and sharing her expectations from it.

The rapper frequently uploads videos of her hanging out with her friends, enjoying karaoke, going camping, and playing video games. She also reviews snacks and curates fashion lookbooks on her channel.

6) Mamamoo's Wheein


Wheein was the last member of Mamamoo to launch her own YouTube channel, called Whee in the Blank. The first video on the channel was a vlog in which the idol talked about herself and showed a bit of her private life.

She often posts "Get ready with me" videos, mukbangs and vlogs of her cooking, shopping, traveling, and answering fan questions.

7) Wonho


Wonho launched his YouTube channel, (ohhoho), after splitting from MONSTA X and making his solo debut. The singer first uploaded a mukbang video in which he made instant Mille-Feuille Nabe (Japanese hot pot).

Known for his physique, the singer posts vlogs of him working out as well as numerous behind-the-scenes footage from his sets. He enlisted in the military on December 5, 2022.

8) Red Velvet's Yeri


Red Velvet's Maknae Yeri has been active on YouTube through her personal channel, yerimiese, since September 2022. Her first video was a holiday vlog shot during a trip to Hawaii with her family. Since then, the singer-actor has posted two more vlogs that depict her funny and goofy personality.

9) NCT's Taeyong


NCT member Taeyong launched his own YouTube channel, TY Track, to celebrate the release of his self-written track Lonely. The song's performance music video was the first video he uploaded to the channel.

The rapper has posted vlogs of his time in NYC, spending time with his friends and also taking the MBTI quiz, apart from the usual videos of his solo projects.

10) Girl's Day's Hyeri


Despite her hectic shooting schedule, idol turned actor, Hyeri uploads videos to her YouTube page quite regularly. Whenever she isn't showing her viewers around the set, she does pottery, paints, and even gives herself haircuts.

The most popular video on her channel, however, is a vlog of a girl's day out with BLACKPINK's Rosè. It has over 10 million views as of the writing of this article.

Fans love personalized content from idols in general, and YouTube channels provide just that. To make their videos more appealing to their global fan base, several idols also include English subtitles for their videos. This helps them keep engagement high on their channels, and has also led to several idols being gold and silver YouTube button holders.

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