“It's gonna be big”: MAMAMOO’s fans react to the group’s surprise announcement of a grand world tour 

MAMAMOO members will be going on a world tour soon (Image via Twitter/@DelfiMoomoo)
MAMAMOO members will be going on a world tour soon (Image via Twitter/@DelfiMoomoo)

MAMAMOO surprised fans by announcing they are going on a grand world tour soon. The announcement was made on October 11 at the showcase of MAMAMOO's 12th mini-album entitled MIC ON.

MAMAMOO's members were on stage to answer media questions at their recent showcase. Group's leader Solar made the surprise announcement, revealing:

“We plan to finally meet the world 8 years after our debut”.

No further details regarding the world tour have been revealed yet, but fans are excited about the group's much-awaited world tour in the coming tour.

An excited MAMAMOO fan wrote on social media:

"It is going to be a big one."

MAMAMOO reveals that the world tour was initially planned for 2019

The ILLELLA singers are excited to embark upon this world tour as their fans are impatient to meet them. Their surprise announcement came via a recent media showcase for their 12th mini-album MIC ON.

The group explained that they had planned to tour the world in 2019, but the devastating pandemic foiled their plans, and they had to revise the schedule.

Naturally, fans of the girl group are excited about this world tour and hope the members choose their country for the world tour, doesn't simply include the US and Japan only.

Fans wrote the following about the talented Starry Night singers:

"This is long overdue."

Speculations about the world tour arose in June, but no confirmation was made at that time.

It was also hinted that the world tour would happen in the latter half of 2022, and keeping the timeline in mind, the ILLELLA singers will commence with the world tour either by November or December.

MAMAMOO wowed fans with their comeback track ILLELLA from their 12th mini-album MIC ON

MAMAMOO is a four-member group consisting of members - Solar (leader and main vocalist), Moonbyul (main rapper and dancer), Wheein (vocalist), and Hwasa (vocalist and maknae) of the group.

The talented girl group debuted on June 18, 2014, with the single Mr Ambiguous and is known for its unique vocals and strong stage personality.

On October 11, 2022, the talented girl group released their 12th mini-album MIC ON, accompanied by the title track ILLELLA, which showcases the complicated relationship between two people. The girls showcased their vocal versatility in this catchy and groovy track with a special emphasis on their ever-evolving fashion game.

They had previously made a guest appearance on JTBC's popular variety show Knowing Bros wherein they performed a snippet of their title track ILLELLA. The album and its title track were well received by the fans as songs from the album took over iTunes songs charts in various countries.

ILLELLA, the group's latest title track, debuted at number 9 on the worldwide iTunes songs chart. Also, MIC ON's b-side tracks have done exceptionally well on the music charts.

More details regarding the group's upcoming world tour are much-anticipated, and it is expected that RBW Entertainment will be making the announcement soon.

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