5 times Mamamoo’s Hwasa made heads turn with her fashion statements 

A still of the K-pop artist Hwasa (Image via @_mariahwasa/Instagram)
A still of the K-pop artist Hwasa (Image via @_mariahwasa/Instagram)

Mamamoo’s Hwasa is a fashion genius who stuns her fans with her iconic outfits. Often surrounded by controversies due to her clothes, the singer never lets hate ruin her day for her. Her fashion game has only improved with each passing year.

What makes Mamamoo’s Hwasa even more attractive is her confidence in flawlessly carrying out all her outfits. She is among the few K-pop idols who like to experiment with her looks and MooMoos love her for it.

From her iconic black corset to thigh-high boots, the Maria singer has served gorgeous looks at Mamamoo's concerts. Her Instagram handle, with 8.1M followers at the time of publishing, is a fashion statement in itself.

Let’s take a look at some of Mamamoo’s Hwasa’s head-turning outfits that place her at the top of her fashion game.

Five outfits of Mamamoo’s Hwasa that were awe-inspiring

1) Joker-inspired outfit

Mamamoo’s Hwasa left everyone speechless with her 2019 MAMA performance on her solo song TWIT. The South Korean singer wore a Joker-inspired outfit to light fires on the stage. The neon body suit with a purple clear jacket on top that she wore, looked gorgeous on her.

The idol also pulled off the iconic green hair that the Joker is famously known for. Her red lips brought out the neon yellow top. From top to bottom, the outfit was perfectly aligned and added to her charismatic persona.

2) White dress on a red carpet

Mamamoo’s Hwasa turned a lot of heads with her white evening gown at the 2018 KBS Entertainment Awards. Her hair was slicked into a bun while she opted for a nude makeup look. She went for a monochrome silhouette and wore white heels to complement her dress. The TWIT singer also adorned a choker and some rings with her stunning dark blue nails.

Mamamoo’s Hwasa looks amazing in shades of white and isn't the first time she has worn the color that suits her so well. She owns the color and serves the best looks to go with it.

3) Unbuttoned pants

Mamamoo's maknae was spotted wearing unbuttoned pants on her way to the airport. The oversized ripped jeans were unbuttoned and exposed her high-waisted underwear.

While this fashion statement made headlines and brought up controversies, Mamamoo’s Hwasa made sure haters were put in their place. The band’s song HIP has a rap that makes reference to Hwasa’s style and that particular look.

The lyrics (translated) say:

“Stained shirt panty sticking out / Greasy hair I don’t care,”

Fans love the singer’s fashion sense because according to them, that is what makes her unique. Her unwavering confidence, in carrying any and every outfit she wears, is admirable.

4) Red latex bodysuit

The 2018 MAMA awards witnessed Hwasa’s most iconic look, the red latex bodysuit. The K-pop idol looked stunning in that bodysuit that she complemented with thigh-high red boots. The outfit gave her an extremely defined look.

MooMoos went berserk after seeing her outfit and loved her confidence irrespective of the hatred antis spew at her. Her hair was kept open in a sideways style. The artist looked especially stunning during her performance of Don’t at the MAMA awards.

5) The yellow thigh-high boots

One of the most liked and unique looks of Mamamoo’s Hwasa was seen at the 4 season concert in 2018. She wore a clear Vogue top with blue shorts. The statement piece in this outfit were the thigh-high yellow boots. The boots were very long and had strips that connected them to her shorts' belt.

Not only was this unique, but Hwasa carried it beautifully too. To further bring out the look, Hwasa adorned large silver hoops and kept her wavy hair open. Fans broke the internet with clips of her in the outfit from the concert.

Mamamoo’s Hwasa's fashion sense is top-notch and fans await what is in the store for them. Whether the next look becomes the headline for good reasons or bad only only time will tell.

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