5 K-pop idols fans want to see star in K-dramas

Irene, Jin, and Hwasa (Image via SM Entertainment, HYBE Labels, RBW Entertainment)
Irene, Jin, and Hwasa (Image via SM Entertainment, HYBE Labels, RBW Entertainment)

K-pop idols go through intensive training programs before they go out to entertain fans. While they are extremely talented in singing, dancing, and performing on stage, most of their fans would also love to see their favorite K-pop idols act in K-dramas.

Many K-pop idols such as GOT7's Jin-young, ASTRO's Chan-woo, Girls Day's Hyeri, and others have already been slaying as actors. However, there are still some idols we would love to see on the small screen.

Many a times, these K-pop idols perform in skits and during interviews, showcasing their extra skills to act. Hence, here are five K-pop idols we wish to see in a K-drama.

5 K-pop idols we would love to see in a K-drama

1) BTS' Jin

Jin, the eldest of the group, has to be on the list for all obvious reasons. BTS ARMY and K-pop fans are religiously waiting to witness Jin in a K-drama due to his impeccable acting skills. Prior to becoming a global star, Jin was enrolled in an acting school to become an actor. However, life had different plans for him.

Fortunately, BTS ARMY has been lucky to see Jin acting as the main character in all the storylines crafted in the Bangtan Universe. But they are still waiting to see actor Jin make his big debut on the small screen.

2) Red Velvet's Irene

Another eldest member of a K-pop group we'd like to see in a K-drama is Red Velvet's Irene. The rapper-actress has showcased her acting skills in the Korean film Double Patty and mini-series Women at a Game Company. But her fans are waiting to see her in a full-fledged feature, especially a historical drama (saeguk).

Irene is also referred to as the 'CF queen' due to her brand power. She is often seen endorsing products and acting like a pro in commercials. Hence, fans would love to see her in a K-drama soon.

3) BTS' Jungkook

Jeon Jungkook from BTS is another member the fans would love to see in a K-drama, especially one belonging to coming-of-age. Due to Jungkook possessing the all-rounder title, he would be perfect in the acting arena as well. The golden maknae has appeared in front of the screen multiple times. BTS' appearances in Run BTS and variety shows also feature them as exceptional actors.

BTS ARMY would love to see Jungkook transform into a college student stealing all hearts. Considering Jungkook's love for K-dramas, his debut will be a cherry on top.

4) NCT's Taeyong

Like BTS' Jin, NCT's Taeyong possesses extremely charming looks, which would easily fit into the role of a charming school-bad boy. The NCT’s have continuously shared their wish to see Taeyong start acting besides spitting fire on stage.

NCT has appeared on variety of shows ever since its debut, with multiple skits performed by the group on screen. However, it's time for actor Taeyong to finally make a debut in a K-drama.

5) MAMAMOO's Hwasa

Hwasa is a K-pop idol who seems to take on any character very gracefully. Without a doubt, she is one of the most confident and bold K-pop idols one will ever witness. As such, K-drama lovers would love to see her mold and become one of the badass female characters of the K-drama world.

After watching Hwasa in music videos such as Hip and Maria, we are confident that she can take up any role without any hassle.

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