MAMAMOO's Wheein confirms her new agency, Ravi's THE L1VE

MAMAMOO's Wheein (Image via Wheein official Instagram)
MAMAMOO's Wheein (Image via Wheein official Instagram)

MAMAMOO's Wheein has finally selected a new agency for herself. On August 31, the talented idol singer took to her Instagram and penned a heartwarming post, informing her fans about her new agency: THE L1VE.

THE L1VE's official social media accounts also uploaded a welcome post, with a summer-vintage-vibe collage of the MAMAMOO member. Since the announcement, fans have trended #WHEEIN_WeSupportYou on Twitter, showering her with love.

MAMAMOO's Wheein confirms joining Ravi's THE L1VE

After multiple speculative reports of Wheein either joining H1GHR MUSIC or THE L1VE, the singer took to Instagram to announce the news directly from her side.

She thanked fans for patiently waiting for her and cheering her on. She even assured fans that she would give her best in both solo and group promotions.

Here's the full translation of Wheein's post:

"Hello, this is Wheein. For the MooMoos who waited patiently and for the many people who are cheering me on, I will work hard to show good music and a good image through THE L1VE. I will work hard at both solo promotions and MAMAMOO promotions from now on, so please send me your support! To the MooMoos that I love, I will continue to work to show you what you want and expect. Trust in me!"

Check out Wheein's post below:

More details on Ravi's THE L1VE

VIXX's Ravi recently founded his own agency called THE L1VE. The agency will work as a regular entertainment company, promoting actors and idols. This is different than his hip-hop label GROOVL1N, which he founded in 2019.

The first artist to join THE L1VE is the popular K-pop soloist Ailee. She is now accompanied by another great vocalist, MAMAMOO's Wheein.

News of Wheein leaving RBW, MAMAMOO's agency, first came out in mid-June. After in-depth discussions, Wheein decided not to renew her contract with RBW. The other three members, Hwasa, Solar, and Moonbyul, renewed theirs.

Wheein will now be promoting her solo activities and will still be a part of MAMAMOO. Cases where idols leave their group's agency to better focus on themselves while also being a part of the group have recently been on the rise.

Here's how fans are reacting to Wheein joining THE L1VE:

Meanwhile, MAMAMOO is gearing up for a comeback in September this year.

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