"Will you wait just a little while for me?": Wonho confirms military enlistment in heartfelt letter to fans

Wonho to begin military service in December. (Image via Twitter/ @sbsnoriter)
Wonho to begin military service in December. (Image via Twitter/ @sbsnoriter)

On November 16, South Korean soloist Wonho announced his military enlistment in a touching letter to his fans.

The 29-year-old singer promised to return soon to WENEE (his fandom), whom he referred to as his "home" and "everything," in the letter posted on his official fan cafe.

"After winter passes and spring comes, after the seasons come and go, in summer of next year, on the day when I first sang for WENEE. On that same day, I will come find WENEE again, just as cool as I was that day. I will return again to the doorstep of WENEE, the place where I belong, my home, my everything."

The Eye on U singer asked his fans to catch up on all of the content he has planned for them before enlisting. He went on to ask:

"WENEE, will you wait just a little while for me?"

Wonho's agency confirms military enlistment

Wonho's agency, Highline Entertainment, confirmed the news of his military service in a statement shared on the singer's fan cafe. They said:

"Wonho will enlist as a public service worker on December 5th 2022 to fulfill his duty as a Korean citizen."

They asked the fans to show their love and support until the day he finishes his service and is back in good health.

"We ask for your warm love and support for Wonho, who will be fulfilling his military duties, until the day of his return."

Fans react to enlistment news

WENEE's took to Twitter to express their support and encouragement for the singer.

Fans expressed their gratitude to the artist, quoting lines from his letter, and stated that they will eagerly await his return.

Some even remarked on the timing of the singer's latest album, Bittersweet, claiming that he saved it for last because leaving for the military would be "bittersweet."

The idol's enlistment, on the other hand, came as a surprise to the majority of fans, who reacted by calling it the "worst news ever."

Wonho made his solo debut after Monsta X in 2020

Lee Ho-seok, known by his stage name Wonho, made his debut under Starship Entertainment, in 2015, as a member of the hip-hop boy group Monsta X. However, he left the group four years later after widespread rumors of his drug use surfaced on social media.

In 2020, the singer announced his solo debut under Highline Entertainment with his first EP, Love Synonym #1: Right for Me. He has since released the second part of the EP, two more EPs, Blue Letter and Facade, two albums, and one Japanese album.

Earlier this year, the singer performed in Germany, Spain and England for his UK and European tour in support of his EP, Facade. It was his first solo and headlining concert outside of South Korea.

In the recently released performance video for On & On, the idol displayed his stunning moves against the Han River cityscape. Bittersweet's upbeat track, featuring South Korean rapper Yunhway, is about wanting to dance all night.

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