MONSTA X’s ‘The Dreaming’ film edits Wonho and Shownu’s appearances

MONSTA X 'Follow: Find you' 2019 mini-album (Image via @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter)
MONSTA X 'Follow: Find you' 2019 mini-album (Image via @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter)

MONSTA X’s movie, The Dreaming was supposed to be an incredibly nostalgic celebration for MONBEBEs, reminiscing the group’s journey from monster rookies to one of the finest third-generation K-pop groups.

The celebration turned sour when fans discovered leader Shownu’s rare appearances and the cut out or blurring of former member Wonho scenes throughout the movie. Unfortunately, The Dreaming has led to a disappointing experience for the fans.

Fans upset with MONSTA X’s movie ‘The Dreaming’ cutting off Wonho and Shownu’s screen time

One of the most influential K-pop groups, MONSTA X, remains strong as ever with its fandom and leveled up U.S. promotions. The Dreaming was released on December 9 and 11 worldwide, a week before the release of the group's English album of the same name.

MONBEBEs were naturally excited to get an up-and-close look at their favorite group on the big screens. The movie offered never-seen-before concert footage and a glimpse into their lives and interviews. However, the happiness was cut short when former member Wonho - who was a part of the group since their inception in 2015 to 2019 - was edited or blurred out.

In late October 2019, the group's singer-songwriter, Wonho, left MONSTA X due to false drug allegations. Despite him being innocent, he did not want the group’s reputation to be harmed in any way and decided to step down.

Not just Wonho, even leader Shownu barely appeared throughout the movie. Some fans believe the reason might be about the additional income rules by an active soldier, where netizens learnt about EXO Baekhyun’s YouTube videos being taken down.

Shownu enlisted in the military on June 22, this year. Minhyuk has taken the temporary baton to fill in the leader’s shoes.

However, Shownu is in the group’s annual merchandise Season’s Greetings and the English album, which will make profits. The blurred lines between the rules of additional incomes of an active soldier have fans confused.

Fans believe it is atrocious for the movie that shows the growth of MONSTA X to not have two key members whose contributions led the group to be at the level that it is at today. Moreover, for new fans whose entry to the MONSTA X universe would be The Dreaming movie, Wonho’s wiped out existence and Shownu’s rare appearances do not sit right with them.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X’s title track You Problem from the group's recent English album The Dreaming is out now.

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