Wonho collapses mid-performance but returns to complete concert, leaving fans worried

A still of Wonho at his concert (Image via official_wonho/Twitter)
A still of Wonho at his concert (Image via official_wonho/Twitter)

Wonho's fans were extremely worried for the star's health after he collapsed mid-performance during his concert, We Are Young. The K-Pop idol returned to the stage to complete his performance and concluded the show, but fans couldn't help but wonder if everything was alright with him.

Wonho had to be escorted by staff offstage, and even when he returned, the star did so under the guidance and care of health officials.

Fans react to Wonho's collapse, saying he should have gone to the hospital instead of returning

As the incident occurred, fans shared the news on Twitter. Many were extremely unhappy as they believed Wonho should have been taken to hospital after the incident and not be escorted back to the stage.

Fans wrote that they understood their idol, and it was his wish to push himself. Many also quoted concert organizers who said that their show would continue "due to the strong will of the artist". Followers stressed that Wonho needn't have come back if he couldn't.

It was not just the physical condition of Wonho that worried fans. One of the things that many shared about the two-day event hosted by the star was when he cried.

As the star sang WeNeed, which takes its title from the name of Wonho's fanbase, the artists seemed overcome with emotions. He ended up in tears on stage, and this moved the fans and worried them too. Wonho's relationship with his fans is well-known as something extremely close and caring.

Many shared that they wanted to hug him to ensure that he felt better.

Wonho's agency released a statement to confirm his health status

Highline Entertainment, the agency that reps Wonho released a statement on November 14. They tweeted to update fans regarding Wonho's health condition:

"Today, during the concert, Wonho showed signs of hyperventilation. With the help of the security guards, Wonho was safely escorted off stage and taken to the medical staff on set. Once Wonho received professional treatment, he became stable enough and wished to resume the performance. After a thorough discussion with the medical staff, Wonho went back on stage to continue performing."

They then explained:

"Throughout the rest of the event, the medical staff remained on set, keeping a close eye on Wonho's condition. The concert came to a successful ending."

The agency thanked the fans for their support as well:

"We would like to apologize to the fans who have been startled by the incident. And thank you so much for your endless love and support for Wonho."

The officials further stressed:

"HIGHLINE Entertainment will keep monitoring Wonho's health closely. Furthermore, we promise that we'll do everything in our power to continue giving him the support he needs."

It must be noted that Wonho also appeared on a Vlive session in which he reassured his fans. After completing his concert, the idol explained that he felt better.

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