Like father, like son: Monsta X's Joohoney recreates "dad's" iconic Squid Game scene

Monsta X's Joohoney channeled his Squid Game "dad" on variety show. (Image via Twitter, Instagram)
Monsta X's Joohoney channeled his Squid Game "dad" on variety show. (Image via Twitter, Instagram)

No one is still free from Squid Game fever, not even variety shows! And Lee Jung Jae’s “son” Joohoney is here to attest to it.

In a recent episode of MUPLY and IdolLive's Muziekwang Company, the contestants inhabit the world of the wildly successful Netflix hit, Squid Game.

The show Muziekwang Company is a reality show that is based on a fictional K-Pop company. The participants of the show are not common people, but idols and actors. Some of the cast include Muzie, LOONA's Chuu, CRAVITY's Hyeongjun, Lee Gi Kwang (also known as AJ), MONSTA X‘s Joohoney, and the actor Jung Yeon Joo.

MONSTA X's Joohoney recreates rumored "dad's" scene on reality show

In episode 3 of the show, Muziekwang Company makes a parody of the Squid Game, tweaking the concept a little. While in the survival show, contestants fight to death for a grand prize of a few billion Wons, here the participants compete for their first paycheck, worth only ₩1000.

The variety show subverts the dark and violent Squid Game to give a fun and cute version of it, without the numerous brutal deaths. This is a Squid Game anyone would love to attend!

One of the standout moments from the show, especially for fans of MONSTA X (MONBEBEs) has to be Joohoney. During the ppopgi, or Squid Game candy game, Joohoney attempts to extract the shape out of the dalgona candy. What grabbed attention, though, was his impeccable technique!

In Squid Game, while the other contestants tried regular methods to get the shape out, the protagonist Gi-Hun, played by Lee Jung Jae, took matters into his own hands, or tongue, in this case. Joohoney too, like Gi-hun, aggressively licked the candy, to get the piece out.

The clip of Joohoney struggling with the candy has gone viral, and the reason is not just his cute looks.

A short while ago, several people on the Internet had assumed that Monsta X’s star Joohoney is Lee Jung Jae’s son! While that rumor was debunked soon enough, fans of the actor and the singer are still taken aback by the resemblance between the two.

Several viewers of the Muziekwang Company’s Squid Game episode congratulated Joohoney for recreating his “dad’s” iconic dalgona episode.

While they might not actually be related, Lee Jung Jae and Joohoney are huge fans of each other. After the 2020 Asian Artist Awards, the MONSTA X singer had shared a picture with Lee Jung Jae, gushing about his high school sunbae.

Joohoney said:

"I finally met my high school sunbae, ‘Lee Jung Jae’ sunbaenim and it was an honor! It was amazing!"

One hopes for more cute moments between this father-son pair. While their relationship might not be real, the love between the two clearly is.

Edited by Prem Deshpande