Wonho's latest single Eye On You ranks #1 on iTunes song charts in 10 countries

Wonho in his latest single Eye On You (Image via Instagram)
Wonho in his latest single Eye On You (Image via Instagram)

Wonho's comeback title track Eye On You ranked number one on iTunes' top song charts in ten countries, including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, and Saudi Arabia, shortly after its release on February 16, 2022 at 6.00 pm KST.

The track was also ranked third in Colombia, sixth in Poland and Singapore, eighth in Indonesia, Mexico, and the Philippines.

The title track Eye On You, from the singer's first single album Obsession, features marvelous control over his vocals and also mysterious and impactful emotions radiated by the song's rich tones.

To master the track, the Somebody singer collaborated with producer ENAN, singer Sun Ahn, and singer-songwriter Brother Su. Wonho also performed Eye On You on Mnet's M Countdown on February 17 after his triumphant comeback.

While Eye On You reached the Top 10 iTunes Top Songs list in several countries, his other single Somebody also reached No. 3 in Saudi Arabia and No. 1 in Brazil.

More about Wonho's latest single Eye On You


Lee Ho-seok, known by his stage name Wonho, is a South Korean singer signed to Highline Entertainment. He was a member of the South Korean boy group Monsta X, which debuted in 2015 under Starship Entertainment.

K-Pop idol Wonho's comebacks have all been distinct, from his sorrowful return with Lose to the sensual premiere with Open Mind, and Obsession is no exception.

The South Korean singer-songwriter's latest single album, led by the suave and savage track Eye On You, shows us a dark angle of his creativity.

After Open Mind, the Somebody singer returns to the deep house with comfort, blending the percussive melody with his gentle voice to create a sensual and intriguing impact with Eye On You.

The track's bridge, written and arranged by the singer, adds to the spookiness of the verses, which focus on an intense attachment, as the lyrics mention,

“I need your love, I got my eye on you, Engrave me deep over your body… Knot of sanity is broken, Out of my control, It won’t be easy to tame me.”

The singer's elegant and crisp movements are placed against black and red backgrounds in the music video of Eye On You, which emphasizes dance. He contrasts himself to a wolf in the visuals, implying that he is a hunter.

Chains and blood-red threads are used to try and encircle him, but it quickly becomes evident that he is unconquerable.

Fans react to the singer's latest track

On social media, fans applauded the Eye On You Singer for his latest single.

The latest single album, Obsession, which includes B-side Somebody, was released on February 16 and included Eye On You.

It was the singer's debut song of 2022, as well as his first since the launch of his mini-album Blue Letter, which featured the single Blue, last September.

Wonho also conducted a #WENEEDLOVE live stream concert in April, where he performed songs from both segments of his Love Synonym mini-albums.

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