Why did Addison Davis resign? Hillsborough Superintendent steps down from school board

Addison Davis has resigned as the superintendent of Hillsborough County Schools (Image via migueloctaviotv/Twitter)
Addison Davis has resigned as the superintendent of Hillsborough County Schools (Image via migueloctaviotv/Twitter)

Hillsborough County Schools Superintendent Addison Davis submitted his resignation letter on June 15, 2023, to the school board chair, stating that he won't continue his duties from July 14 next month. He has resigned because he wants to go back to his hometown and be with his family.

He served in the position for around 39 months and wrote in the resignation letter that he was "blessed and honored" to serve as the leader of the seventh-largest School District in the nation.

"During this time, this administration has worked collectively and collaboratively with the School Board to establish systems and processes that have obtained historic improvements in every facet of our organization," Davis further stated.

Davis added that it was the most difficult decision for him and that he will be returning to his family residing in his hometown in Florida.

Addison Davis joined the Hillsborough County Schools in January 2020

Addison Davis joined as a replacement for superintendent Jeff Eakins in January 2020, who served for around five years. He was asked to shut down schools and adjust to online learning when the Covid-19 pandemic began in March 2020. When students returned, there were problems with the rules followed in terms of masks, Covid-19 vaccines, and testing.

Davis was later ordered to reduce the budget and stuff around the district but his biggest challenge came when he had to struggle to keep his employees on the job after the pandemic. Addison then made a plan for school boundary changes for around 15,000 students which was passed from a vote in May 2023.


He even assisted the district to fight its financial problems.

Addison Davis was previously the chief of schools in Duval and superintendent in Clay County.

Although Addison Davis has resigned as the superintendent, he might be running for the superintendent of Duval County Schools following the departure of Dr. Diana Greene last month.

Search for the next superintendent at Hillsborough County Schools

Following the resignation of Addison Davis, his position will be served by an interim superintendent until a replacement is brought. Hillsborough County School Board Chair Nadia Combs stated that a replacement will be searched around the nation. A meeting will also be held regarding the same on Tuesday.


Combs also spoke on the services of Davis, saying that she was reading his resignation letter and everything he did for the district.

Board member Karen Perez also spoke on the search for a new superintendent, saying that she would not vote for anyone who does not know the district. She added that she wants the next leader to solve the inequality by expanding the minority graduation rate and approaching the students via special services and after-school programs.

Edited by Prem Deshpande