Why did Elon Musk roast Andrew Tate recently?

Elon Musk trolled Andrew Tate
Elon Musk trolled Andrew Tate's Pizza clip back in December (Image via Sportskeeda)

On New Year's Eve 2022, Elon Musk made what looked like a harmless tweet about pizza. However, people familiar with the Andrew Tate drama, which happened a few days prior, soon realized that the post by the Twitter CEO was actually a dig at Tate.

The Tweet by Elon Musk reads as a simple opinion on whether home-cooked or store-bought pizza is better:

"Sometimes it's just better to make pizza at home."

While some took the tweet at face value, others such as Twitter user Chill Pill pointed out the double entendre hidden between the lines.

As is evident from the picture captioned "Andrew agrees," Elon's post was actually a reference to a Twitter thread that had gone viral for suggesting that Tristan and Andrew Tate's arrest in December 2022 had something to do with a video where the latter could be seen sitting in front of a pizza box from a well-known Romanian outlet, the insinuation being that the arrest happened because authorities could prove Andrew's presence in the country via the box.

Elon Musk's dig at Andrew Tate seems to be based on an old theory about the latter's arrest

By making a seemingly innocuous comment about homemade pizza, Elon Musk was actually referring to a viral tweet by Alejandra Caraballo, a Civil Rights Attorney. In the aftermath of the Tate brother's arrest, this tweet from Caraballo, posted on December 30, 2022, went viral:

It must be noted that at a later date, the Romanian prosecutor cleared the air by denying any connection to the aforementioned clip to the arrest.

However, at the time, the news of Andrew Tate's arrest was inadvertently being linked to the clip of him in front of a Jerry's Pizza box.

For context, the clip was Tate's response to a Twitter spat with Greta Thunberg, which took place on December 27, 2022, when the former tagged the climate activist in a post about carbon emissions from his expensive cars. After some back and forth, Tate posted this video, which many believe, led to his subsequent arrest owing to the popular branding on the box.

After the arrest, even Greta posted an Elon-like jab at Andrew's expense, joking about how recycling those pizza boxes would have saved him the trouble of an arrest:

How did Twitter react to Elon Musk's joke about Andrew Tate?

Elon has been characterized as a troll by many of his followers, and the joke about pizza elicited similar responses, with many sarcastically supporting it:

Some, however, did point out that the Jerry's Pizza box being the reason for the arrest seemed highly unlikely.

Did Elon Musk tweet about Andrew Tate anymore?

After the arrest and subsequent detention of the Tate brothers, Andew Tate's official Twitter account started making wild claims about the "Matrix" having "sent their agents" to arrest him:

Elon Musk posted this meme soon afterwards, which has been interpreted as a direct response by some:

Considering that it is a clear reference to the Matrix with the titular character Neo being in the photograph with a telling caption, it is not hard to see why people would think it was him trolling Andrew Tate again.

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