Why are the names Jenna Wilson and Tiffany Gomas going viral? Netizens attempt to find identity of viral airplane lady

Social media users try to find names of the woman who created a ruckus in the American Airlines flight. (Image via news.com.au/ YouTube)
Social media users try to find names of the woman who created a ruckus in the American Airlines flight. (Image via news.com.au/ YouTube)

Social media users have been absorbed in the identity of a mystery woman, who is now being called Jenna Wilson by some.

It all started a few days back when news broke about a passenger creating a ruckus on an American Airlines flight. Just before takeoff, the woman, whose identity was not disclosed, started yelling about a “not real” person she saw at the back of the plane.

The drama continued for hours as the woman kept asking the cabin crew to let her get out of the plane. The video of the incident made the rounds on social media, after which rumors emerged that the woman had gone missing.

Neither the woman’s claim of there being a “not real” man, nor the news that she had gone missing, is true. However, several tweets have now started floating on social media with users calling her Jenna Williams or Tiffany Gomas, and also claiming that she has been arrested.

Again, the news of her being arrested and her name have not been confirmed by any reliable source such as the government authorities or American Airlines. However, many social media users have become convinced that her name is Jenna Wilson after a Twitter handle, @MGarlandDOJ, stated the following:

Many people are convinced that the Twitter user is a reliable source as the name of the user has “US Attorney General” attached to it. However, many did not seem to notice the word “parody” written along with the rest of the name.

It can be reasonably assumed that the report of the mystery woman’s name being Jenna Wilson is not true.

After Jenna Wilson, another user claimed that the mystery woman’s name is Tiffany Gomas

As the mystery about the woman on the American Airlines flight intensifies, more and more people are getting curious about her name and other details. After many hopped on to social media to claim that her real name was Jenna Williams, another account called her “Tiffany Gomas.”

The account was created just after the video went viral, but only had a screenshot of the video. Hence, it is quite possible that it is a fake account, with the person merely pretending to be the mystery woman from the video.

Furthermore, the information about her name being Jenna Wilson or Tiffany Gomas cannot be proven until the authorities or the woman herself confirms the same. However, social media users are still very invested in the viral video and are trying hard to find the name of the woman in it.


That is the reason why many unverified pieces of information, like the woman being arrested, having gone missing, and her name, are still floating on social media. At the moment, the woman has not stepped out to address the issue, and the matter still remains a mystery.

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Edited by Tejas Rathi