"Wtf u got me seated": Fans excited as SM Entertainment reveals all seven members of RIIZE, including Seunghan, Eunseok, and others

SM Entertainment reveals all seven members of new boy group RIIZE (Images via Instagram/riize_official)
SM Entertainment reveals all seven members of new boy group RIIZE (Images via Instagram/riize_official)

K-pop fans breathed a heavy sigh of relief and went into celebratory mode as SM Entertainment officially announced Seunghan, Eunseok, Sungchan, and Shotaro as part of RIIZE, the agency’s latest boy group. On Tuesday, August 1, at 12:00 midnight KST, the company launched an official Instagram account of the septet and revealed all the members.

Additionally, self-written profiles with some basic questions were released as part of the details about the latest SM artist boy group. In just over five hours, the group’s Instagram account reached 264k followers. The profiles were posted in the Highlights section of Instagram and contained details such as the birth date, age, nickname, and bucket list, among other things.

The K-pop fandom welcomed the member reveal with open arms as it included the four trainees they had already come to adore - Sungchan and Shotaro, who were formerly NCT members, and Seunghan and Eunseok, who were introduced as SMROOKIES last year. Fans especially said that they were "seated" since the group included no minors.

"I have to be seated": SM Entertainment reveals RIIZE's member profiles, leaves fans elated

On August 1, K-pop fans were treated to the official member reveal of SM's new boy group, RIIZE. The group's creation and debut had long been confirmed and discussed.

Interest for the upcoming group heightened when a few months ago, SM Entertainment shifted Sungchan and Shotaro from NCT to the new team. The duo were revealed as NCT members in 2020. Additionally, the agency also confirmed that it will include the recent SMROOKIES, further fueling the enthusiasm.

As per the official reveal, the seven confirmed members of RIIZE are:

  • Shotaro (former NCT)
  • Sungchan (former NCT)
  • Eunseok (SMROOKIES)
  • Seunghan (SMROOKIES)
  • Won Bin
  • So Hee
  • Anton

The youngest member in RIIZE is 19 years old while the oldest is 22. The group’s age range, apart from the already known talent and visuals, had many K-pop fans cheering for their successful debut.

An interesting section in the member profiles was the Bucket List tab, wherein each member had his own desire, ranging from world tours, a collaboration with Bruno Mars, to topping the Billboard Hot 100 and becoming a superstar.

Fans also celebrated the official debut of Shotaro, Sungchan, Eunseok, and Seunghan, who had already made their way into fans’ hearts by performing with NCT and even featuring on NCT talk shows. The celebration also majorly entailed fans complimenting SM Entertainment for not including minors in the group.

With the K-pop industry increasingly debuting 13-14 year olds and recent groups' oldest members barely crossing 18 years of age, RIIZE has already earned another brownie point for K-pop fans.

Meanwhile, the group's name holds extreme significance; it is made of two words ‘rise’ and ‘realize.’ The name also means that the group will “rise and realize their dreams together.”

SM Entertainment earlier confirmed that RIIZE will debut in September 2023. This means that fans will be treated to multiple concept photos, teasers, album designs, and music video teasers in the coming few days. Many are also looking forward to the sound of the group, as the agency described their musical genre as “emotional pop.”

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Edited by Abhipsa Choudhury