xQc gets angry with Twitch viewers over “misogynistic” Pokimane comments

Twitch star xQc gaming (Image via Twitter)
Twitch star xQc gaming (Image via Twitter)
R A Karthik Prasad

Twitch’s live stream chat has been quite toxic to many female streamers, such as Imane “Pokimane” Anys, and star broadcaster Felix “xQc” Lengyel has had enough of it.

A Twitch live stream by xQc, now gone viral, shows the internet sensation defending Pokimane after users on chat began discussing female streamers’ and their viewership.

The broadcast began to get toxic as users on the chat board began to share “trash takes” on female streamers’ success.

xQc Twitch stream rant goes viral on subreddit forum

The star GTA streamer was quick to respond to the chat by going on a rant, saying:

“There’s a lot of successful women out there. And they show a lot of good incentive, and they have good content.”

The 25-year-old added:

“Legitimate misogynists will say, ‘No, they have bad content!’ like when there is big Pokimane hate. Nah, bro, she’s only growing because of x, y, z. And they will say, ‘Content is bad, trash.”

The Twitch star continued to state in the broadcast how users’ arguments have no real basis since streamers like Pokimane boast a massive fanbase.

“All the people that watch, and the millions of followers that they have, disagree with your stupid a** take!”

Pokimane reacts to XQc slamming misogynists users on Twitch chat board

Pokimane is no stranger to controversies (Image via Twitter)
Pokimane is no stranger to controversies (Image via Twitter)

It didn’t take long for the clipped Twitch video to trend on subreddit r/LivestreamFail. Surprisingly, the upvoted post also drew in more support from others in favor of Pokimane and xQc’s comment.

The Twitch star’s slamming response even shocked the likes of Pokimane herself.


The star streamer uploaded a video to her YouTube channel reacting to the clip. She thanked xQc for standing by her and pointed out the reality of being confronted with unnecessary hate from fellow streamers. Apparently, as Poki stated in the YouTube reaction video, many streamers are throwing hate for views while posing as friends in her messages.

Pokimane stated her desire not to engage in discussion with the said streamer as it only feeds to their need for more content.

Lastly, the 24-year-old pointed to xQc’s remarks against misogynists as one instance of what female streamers continue to face.

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