"Nick looks like a cartoon character": Seeking Sister Wife fans troll Nick for his outfit while proposing to Danielle

Nick, Jennifer, April, Danielle (Image via Instagram/@the.davis.family_official.page)
Nick, Jennifer, April, Danielle (Image via Instagram/@the.davis.family_official.page)

TLC's Seeking Sister Wife returned for an all-new episode on Monday night. This week, while most couples were still in search of their next sister wife, Nick was ready to propose to Danielle and take their relationship to the next level.

Although viewers were taken aback by Nick's decision to propose despite the age gap, what caught their attention in particular was his outfit for that special night.

Episode 12 of Seeking Sister Wife, titled An Emotional Rollercoaster, featured Jennifer and April helping Nick get ready. For the special night, he donned a shiny purple shirt with a black vest and paired it with a long cape and a hat.

As if that was not enough, his wives added black eyeshadow to make his look pop. Fans who witnessed Nick dressed up in that attire were left in splits.

Nick proposes to Danielle at the Denver Clock Tower in Seeking Sister Wife

Nick revealed that he had decided to propose to Danielle at the Denver Clock Tower because it was an iconic location in the city and he thought it was a good place for a proposal. .

Danielle was shocked upon seeing the rose petals and an entire romantic set up atop the clock tower. Wanting to waste no time, Nick then said:

"This big clock here, just brings to mind a thought about time. The experience of time is subjective. Meaning that it's different for everyone. It's unique, so is love. We all get to experience love in our own unique way. I am honored to have you all join me in creating our own version, of what love is, within that. Well, Danielle, will you marry us?"

Nick, April and Jennifer simultaneously asked Danielle if she would do them the honor of marrying them. The Seeking Sister Wife star was taken aback and broke down in tears while accepting the proposal.

The ring that Nick, Jennifer and April proposed with, had the Seeking Sister Wife star's brith stone. After Nick put the ring on her finger, the other sister wives revealed that each of the rings that Nick had proposed to them with, also had their own birth stones.

Unable to control her emotions, Danielle shared that she had never experienced love like the kind that they showered on her and added that it meant a lot to her.

During her confessional, Jennifer said that the night ended on a wonderful note. April also spoke about it being an emotional night, not just for her, but for Nick, Danielle and Jennifer as well. April further added that the proposal was solidifying something that they all felt in their hearts.

While Nick and his three sister wives were happy with the events of the night, fans had other thoughts running through their head.

Fans left in splits after seeing Nick's outfit for his special night with Danielle

Although fans have their own opinions about the lifestyle of Nick and his sister wives, those who watched the latest episode could not get over Nick's preferred outfit for the occasion.

Needless to say, Twitter was flooded with memes and comments about the attire. Check out some of the reactions below:

Seeking Sister Wife airs every Monday night at 10 pm ET only on TLC. Readers can check your local listings for more information.

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