"That's a lot": Seeking Sister Wife fans claim Nick sharing a bed with Danielle and two wives feels weird

Nick, Danielle, April, Jennifer (Image via Instagram/@the.davis.family_official. page)
Nick, Danielle, April, Jennifer (Image via Instagram/@the.davis.family_official. page)

TLC's Seeking Sister Wife returned for an all-new episode on Monday night, and the search for a sister wife continued. After Danielle and Nick spent the night together, April and Jennifer decided to take Danielle out to get to know her better.

While out, they discussed their sleeping situation, and the ladies revealed that all three of them would be sleeping on the same bed with Nick.

Episode 5 of Seeking Sister Wife featured Nick also hopping on board with the idea of sharing a bed with his two sister wives and Danielle. During her confessional, April shared that they would have to get a bigger bed because more women would be with them.

Continuing, April shared,

"Probably a minium of additional one to two, so that's five people in one bed."

Fans who watched the episode and witnessed the conversation and revelation between the Seeking Sister Wives stars took to social media to share their thoughts.

Seeking Sister Wife first aired in 2018

Fans shared that the latest episode of the show got weirder by the day. They poured in with thoughts on Twitter:

More details on what happened this week

Danielle, who is used to sleeping alone in her bed, was shocked by the news of having to share a bed with the other wives and Nick. But she did agree to give it a try. During her confessional, Danielle shared,

"Three other grown adults in the same bed, you know, part of me does worry that, you know, there might be conflicts in how we sleep. What bed is going to fit four grown adults? I am curious to see how that would work."

Apart from that, the Seeking Sister Wife stars bombard Danielle with a lot more unexpected questions. They asked her if she was open to having kids and her thoughts on that. Danielle shared that she would love to have kids one day. April shared that she wanted to have a big family during her confessional. More sister wives and more kids.

Continuing, April shared,

"I've thought about having kids myself, and we're still talking about doing that as well. , but I also wanna have our sister wives have children also."

Danielle had never been in a polyamorous relationship before, and this was her first time in one. She is also much younger than the other sister's wives and Nick.

While Nick and his sister wives sorted their arrangements, Sidian prepared to leave for the Philippines to meet Arielle. Though he had mixed feelings, Tosha sent him with confidence and hopes that he would work things out and that they would have a sister and wife.

Meanwhile, Brenda and Steve arrived in Dallas to visit his kids, Preston and Jayden. They live in Dallas with his ex-wife. Steve shared that they didn't go to Texas to see their kids but also to get a little break from April.

Brenda shared that she and Steve had a conversation about the communication issues she had with April and that they were working on it.

Seeking Sister Wife airs every Monday at 10:00 pm ET only on TLC. Readers can check your local listings for more information.

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