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Nikita Dragun left embarrassed by Storekeeper asking her to wear a proper face mask

Image via Nikita Dragun
Image via Nikita Dragun
Modified 22 Feb 2021

Nikita Dragun entered a high-end luxury brand store and was stopped immediately with a real facemask.

A shop clerk stopped Nikita at the door to a store with a face mask and clearly asked her to wear it. There was a pause but eventually Nikita agreed and reluctantly put the face mask against her shield. She stays for a very short time after and decides not to wear any masks at all when she leaves the store.

Holding the face mask against a face shield defeats the purpose of the mask because it is not blocking her mouth or protecting others from the opening above her shield. She chose not to follow the CDC guidelines or care about the shopkeeper that gave her the mask.

As is the protocol for these types of stores, she is humored and allowed to stay in as long as she keeps it on her face. It is unclear why Nikita is so defiant when it comes to facemasks. Other TikTokers at least wear it when it is required, so it isn't a general theme of the platform she uses.


This is just one of many instances of Nikita Dragun wearing a face shield instead of a mask. It is obvious to many that she will continue to do this kind of thing.

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Nikita Dragun has a habit of not wearing the correct mask


Nikita was often wears transparent face shields which are well known not to be useful against COVID. Face shields are normally a piece of a mask or worn over masks and are almost never used by themselves. Face shields are for splattered blood and are used to protect eyes and mouths from projectiles. They were not intended to be used against anything airborne.

The last time she was caught doing this, she wasn't even wearing the mask. Nikita was caught holding the minature face shield to her face for a few seconds and putting it down for most of the encounter.

Unless someone takes real action against her or asks her why she is so defiant, it seems unlikely she will change. It is unclear whether she knows that her face shield is ineffective against Coronavirus and not recommended by the CDC.

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Published 22 Feb 2021, 01:32 IST
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