"Not a good look": Lizzo calls Chris Brown her "favorite person in the whole world" and the internet is far from amused

Lizzo recently called Chris Brown her "favorite  person in the whole world" (Image via Getty Images)
Lizzo recently called Chris Brown her "favorite person in the whole world" (Image via Getty Images)

American singer Lizzo recently landed in hot waters after calling Chris Brown her "favorite person”. In a viral video that surfaced online, the Juice hitmaker could be seen gushing about the controversial rapper while asking him for a picture:

“Can I get a picture with you? Because you’re my favorite person in the whole wide world.”

The Grammy-award winner was then seen circling around the rapper with her friends while posing for the camera. The latter also looked excited as he placed his arms around the 33-year-old for the picture.

However, the interaction between the musicians left fans disappointed as many took to social media to criticize Lizzo for praising Chris Brown.

One user wrote on Instagram:

"Ooohhh girl that’s not a good look"

Another added:

“Damn, another industry “feminist” who supports an abusive man? Shocker”

The moment between the two was captured as they crossed paths backstage during the ongoing Millennium Tour. The tour features Bow Wow, Lloyd, Ashanti, Sammie, Soulja Boy, Omarion, Pretty Ricky, and Ying Yang Twins.

Twitter reacts to Lizzo praising Chris Brown

Lizzo disappoints fans after praising controversial rapper Chris Brown (Image via Getty Images)
Lizzo disappoints fans after praising controversial rapper Chris Brown (Image via Getty Images)

Chris Brown has consistently made headlines for the wrong reasons in the past few years. As a result, Lizzo’s fans were far from impressed after seeing her praise the rapper during a recent interaction.

The former was first arrested in 2009 on felony domestic violence charges after attacking his then-girlfriend, Rihanna. The latter was hospitalized for suffering severe facial injuries as a result of the assault. She was also granted a five-year restraining order against the rapper.

every year chris brown is get accused of putting his hands on a woman

Another of Brown’s former girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, also issued a similar legal order after accusing him of physical violence and criminal threats in 2017. The following year, an unidentified woman filed a lawsuit against the musician for alleged physical misdemeanor without consent.

The matter was resolved out of court in 2020. Earlier this year, he came under fire for allegedly assaulting another woman at his Los Angeles home. However, the rapper denied the accusations.

Therefore, fans of the Good As Hell creator were upset at her for complimenting Chris Brown due to his controversial past. Several admirers also took to Twitter to call out the singer for her actions:

Lizzo has worked with and promoted nutritionists and trainers whose sole purpose is weight loss. Now she asked for a photo with CHRIS BROWN and said he was her favorite person in the world ?? A serial abuser and stalker? I really can’t ignore this pattern, it sucks.
Me finding out Lizzo said to Chris Brown that he's her favorite person...
okay yall, I love @lizzo but wtf is up with her calling Chris Brown her favorite person in the world… we’re not forgetting all the HORRIBLE THINGS hr continues to do over some hit singles are we… 🥴🤔 not one to cancel but #cancelchrisbrown
Lizzo’s favourite person in the whole WORLD is Chris Brown?!?! Don’t puss me off
Lizzo fan girling over chris brown shoes the type of woman she actually is. Y’all be “doing stuff for women” then turn around and do stuff against women child…. She dtm for me
Lizzo's fave person is Chris Brown? alright, she can join Addison Rae at the club of idolizing abusive and toxic men and being proud of it.
Just found out lizzo loves and supports Chris brown </3 heartbroken forever

Meanwhile, some fans also came to the singer's defense and supported her on social media:

People being outraged at Lizzo’s love for Chris Brown while so many other artists be out here supporting/collaborating with him with no backlash, makes zero sense. Don’t make me go down the list of people…Just say you don’t like her.
My issue w/ the Lizzo situation is that even though her vocal support of Chris Brown isn't great, people are going to use this as the ((1)) reason why we should retract our support of her bc they never wanted a Fat Person in the spotlight anyway. People were waiting for this.
People are critiquing Lizzo because she took a pic with Chris Brown in a room full of artists. Um...ok. The outrage towards Lizzo is very selective. I know this based on how y'all barely opened y'all mouth when Rih took a pic not even a week ago with a certain someone's husband
Not the timeline mad at Lizzo for taking a picture with Chris Brown but y’all aren’t made anyone else for collaborating, taking pictures with/dating him ??????? The girls gotta stop picking & choosing chile….
Chris brown being your fave person is just really pathetic BUT 90% of y’all faves including mines have worked with that man so don’t act brand new with Lizzo

As a plethora of reactions continues to pour in online, it remains to be seen if Lizzo will address the situation in the days to come.

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