"One more strike and it's over": KSI reveals he is on the verge of losing his YouTube channel 

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube
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British YouTuber Olajide Olayinka Williams "JJ" Olatunji, popularly known as KSI, informed his fans on Twitter that he is one strike away from being removed from the video sharing platform.

The pictures shown on his Twitter account in regards to the strikes he has received, revealed that KSI had not adhered to community guidelines. The 28 year old had previously received strikes for posting content which is not “child safe.”

KSI wrote in his tweet:

“I physically can’t watch every single video I’ve made on my 2nd channel to see if there’s child safety in it…”

YouTube’s Twitter handle responded to the Watford-native, telling him to speak to his manager regarding the strikes.

“Your partner manager let us know that you are in touch about this matter already – she’ll keep you updated, and feel free to follow up directly w/ her if you have any queries.”

KSI followed up with another tweet expressing how disheartened he felt about the situation at hand. He wrote:

“I love YouTube, but this ain’t it man… How is this fair?”

Fans react to KSI violating YouTube community guidelines

KSI’s second channel which he operates under the username JJ Olatunji, has been issued with two strikes for not adhering to community guidelines. The YouTuber reacts to several online trends and memes on the channel where content can occasionally not be suitable for child audiences. This leads to videos receiving lesser advertisements and YouTube experiencing a financial loss.

Although the platform has not explicitly stated that creators must always make child-friendly content, the internet speculates that this is one of the reasons why KSI is being issued two strikes on his channel.

Fans felt sorry for the content creator and supported him under the comment section of the tweet:

“they can’t take you down or we riot.”
“Realistically, if you do get another strike youtube still wouldn’t take you down. You’re one the biggest faces for the website.”

Others chimed in:

“So they try and take you down for child safety, there’s literally a kids version of the app THAT IS STILL FREE, I don’t get why people are forced to be kid friendly on the main app when there’s clearly a kids version on a separate app.”

Some fans were outraged at YouTube for warning KSI even though controversial figures such as David Dobrik and James Charles didn't face similar consequences for their actions. The former was accused of filming a video with a YouTuber accused of sexual harassment, while the latter has been called out for grooming minors.

KSI also has another channel which is his main platform where he uploads his music. The channel has over 23.3 million subscribers.

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