PewDiePie gets nostalgic during Minecraft stream, says he misses playing DotA at net cafes

Pewdiepie discusses how he misses the good old days.
Pewdiepie discusses how he misses the good old days.

Swedish internet icon and popular gaming personality Felix 'PewDiePie' Kjellberg recently shed some light on the things he misses gaming from his pre-YouTube days.

With over 100 million subscribers, the YouTuber spoke fondly of the state of internet cafes in Asia. He also mentioned the old days when he used to play DotA, formerly known as Defense of the Ancients (abbreviated DotA).

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PewDiePie on the state of internet cafes and the old days of gaming.


In a recent stream highlight, PewDiePie responded to a chat with this remark:

"In Asia, yeah, net cafes seems to be really popular still, But for some reason it's not here and I miss it, cause it's fun."

Lamenting the fall of internet cafes in Europe, PewDiePie then spoke about the days when he used to play what is presumably DotA. He even hummed the popular song by Basshunter aptly titled DotA borne out of love for the game.

"Going to net cafes playing DotA, those were the days. "


The rise of PC gaming with people acquiring their own set-ups has led to the decline of internet cafes in Europe. This is not the case in Asia, wherein the culture of going and playing video games at an internet cafe still thrives in countries like China, Japan, South Korea, and even India.

LAN gaming culture at an internet cafe is so strong that Taiwan has its own gaming hotel complete with bootcamp LAN suites for players looking to practice as a team.


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