5 things to know about the Kosatka submarine before buying it in GTA Online

GTA Online's Kosatka (Image via GTA Fandom Wiki)
GTA Online's Kosatka (Image via GTA Fandom Wiki)

As part of the GTA Online Cayo Perico Heist update 1.52, the new "property" added to the game was the Kosatka submarine.

On the surface, the Kosatka serves as the base of operation for the Cayo Perico Heist much like the Arcade that serves as the headquarters for the Diamond Casino Heist.

While the Kosatka does primarily serve that purpose, the submarine has a lot more lesser known features that players should be aware of that are listed below.

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5 things to know about GTA Online's Kosatka submarine

#1 - The Kosatka is driveable


The Kosatka is the only "property" in the game that is completely driveable. Unlike the Yacht, players can step to the helm of the Kosatka and drive it around the waters of Los Santos.

While this is pretty novel and can help with accessibility, the Kosatka is quite slow and is impractical as a method of transport.

#2 - The Kosatka can fast travel


On top of being driveable, the Kosatka allows players to instantly fast travel to a fixed destination for a fee of GTA $10,000 if players have not completed the Cayo Perico heist and GTA $2,000 if completed.

Players simply need to walk up to the same spot that they would drive the Kosatka and choose the fast travel option instead. From here, players can select a destination from a list and can travel there for the $10,000 fee.

#3 - The Kosatka allows players to spawn free Dinghy's instantly

Image via GTA Fandom Wiki
Image via GTA Fandom Wiki

How often is it that something goes wrong in a mission, and players get stranded in the middle of the ocean, with no means to getting to the land?

Well, with the Kosatka that's no longer a problem as players can now spawn a Dinghy completely free of charge right where they are. Simply access the interaction menu, and under the Kosatka Services tab, hit request Dinghy and speed away.

#4 - The Kosatka Sonar Station can find hidden treasure in GTA Online's freemode


Coming in at GTA$1,200,000, the Sonar Station is an optional upgrade to the Kosatka, and its purpose is to scan the ocean floor for treasure.

Players can find 10 hidden caches each day in GTA Online that reward them with $7,500 and RP for their efforts.

#5 - The Kosatka has guided missiles


The Kosatka's Guided Missile System costs an additional $1,900,000, which allows players to manually take control of rockets and steer them into their foes. This feature is not present anywhere else in GTA Online and is unique to the Kosatka submarine.

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