5 most annoying things about GTA Online that frustrates the player base in 2021

Image Via Rockstar Games
Image Via Rockstar Games

GTA Online continues to be one of the best online worlds in video games. 7 years since release, and it's only going from strength to strength.

As successful as the game is, there are definitely improvements that can be made by Rockstar Games. Certain game elements have been downright frustrating over the years, and the player base has been vocal about it.

Here are 5 things about GTA Online that frustrate players.

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5 annoying things about GTA Online in 2021

#1 - Griefers


Too often, players that are simply going about their business get blown up by griefers in Oppressors or Hydras. While Passive Mode can help a little in this scenario, Passive Mode is disabled when players are an MC President or a VIP/CEO, rendering it useless.

The punishment for griefing from Rockstar's end is laughable, and the $2,000 reward for good behavior is even more of a slap in the face for players just looking to play the game.

#2 - Inflated economy


The economy that GTA Online launched with doesn't exist anymore. Much like the real world, inflation has struck Los Santos, and everything is expensive.

Players are frustrated by how expensive the most mundane vehicles cost. This move is seen by most of the community as a way for Rockstar to get people to spend money on Shark Cards instead of grinding the hours for a single-vehicle.

This move has been met with a lot of disdain from the player base.

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#3 - Annoying phone calls


One of the most infuriating occurrences in the game are the random phone calls that force you to do things for contacts. T

The most heinous offender is Bryony, who constantly bothers GTA Online players when they log on to buy the Arena War Expansion, which is widely considered a mediocre DLC for GTA Online.

#4 - Painfully long load times


Another great annoyance for the GTA Online community is the load time for GTA Online. Players having gigabit ethernet or the fastest SSD in the world cannot evade GTA Online's monstrously long load time.

Taking over two minutes on average to load into GTA Online on a powerful PC is still way too long. Not to mention, PS4 and Xbox players will take significantly longer on their slower hard drives.

#5 - Boring sell missions


Boring, mundane, and soul-sucking; these are just a few of the words that can be used to describe the sell missions in GTA Online.

Whether tasked with driving a post-op van at barely 40 km/hr across the map or attempting to airdrop merchandise in a Dodo seaplane across the ocean, these missions are just painfully monotonous and long and are straight up not fun.

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