Top 5 weapons for doing missions in GTA Online

Widowmaker in GTA Onlne (Image via Rockstar Games)
Widowmaker in GTA Onlne (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online's arsenal of weapons is extensive, in that players can arm themselves with anything from a hatchet to a railgun.

While most weapons are adequate for the job, some provide different utilities that are invaluable for players in GTA Online. Not all guns mentioned in this list will be unlocked from the start for all players, as they are locked behind an RP level that players must first reach.

Also note that there is no definitive loadout for GTA Online. These weapons have been chosen as they are the most convenient for missions and heists.

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Top 5 weapons for GTA Online

1. Special Carbine

"Combining accuracy, maneuverability, firepower and low recoil, this is an extremely versatile assault rifle for any combat situation." ―Ammu-Nation and Social Club description.

The special carbine is a must have for any GTA Online player. Unlocking at Rank 1, players can buy this rifle right off the bat for only $14,750, and it has a host of attachments, like a suppressor, which makes it a very versatile weapon. Players can also spend on a drum magazine for a huge clip size of 100 bullets.

2. Heavy Sniper Mk.II (with explosive rounds)

"Far away, yet always intimate: if you're looking for a secure foundation for that long-distance relationship, this is it." ―Weapon Workshop and Social Club description.

Available only through the weapon workshop as an upgrade to the Heavy Sniper, the Heavy Sniper Mk.II is one of the most powerful weapons in the GTA Online, costing $165,375 to upgrade. After completing research in the bunker, players can equip explosive rounds on the gun to bring helicopters and cars alike, down with a single bullet.

3. Sticky bombs

"A plastic explosive charge fitted with a remote detonator. Can be thrown and then detonated or attached to a vehicle then detonated." ―Grand Theft Auto V description on Ammu-Nation and Social Club.

Sticky bombs need no introduction. Simply aim at a target, throw it and detonate when it is stuck to the targets surface. Priced at $600 a piece, sticky sombs are perfect for dealing with moving targets and vehicles.

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4. Micro SMG

"Combines compact design with a high rate of fire at approximately 700-900 rounds per minute."―Grand Theft Auto V description on Ammu-Nation and Social Club.

Priced at $3,750, the Micro SMG is a must have for every GTA Online player. Unless players are looking to struggle with single fire on a pistol while driving and shooting, the fully automatic Micro SMG must be picked up to have an easier time dealing with foes.

5. Widowmaker

"Republican Space Ranger Special. GO AHEAD, SAY I'M COMPENSATING FOR SOMETHING. I DARE YOU." ―Ammu-Nation and Social Club description.

Coming in at GTA$499,000, the widowmaker is an expensive alternative to the $50,000 minigun featured in the game. The reason the widowmaker takes preference here is that there is no rank requirement for it, while the rank requirement for the minigun is level 120, which takes a serious amount of time to reach.

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