Pixie Curtis net worth: 10-year old multi-millionaire's fortune explored as she's set to retire by age 15 

Pixie Curtis with her mother, Roxy (Image via pixiecurtis/Instagram)
Pixie Curtis with her mother, Roxy (Image via pixiecurtis/Instagram)

In December last year, 10-year-old Instagram sensation and millionaire Pixie Curtis' mother Roxy Jacenko spoke to about her daughter's business ventures. The 42-year-old Australian businesswoman said Pixie "could retire at 15."

Roxy Jacenko's statement made international headlines after she said that 10-year-old Pixie Curtis could be retiring as a multi-millionaire by the age of 15. The businesswoman, socialite, and TV star also said,

"Our family joke has been I'll be working till I'm 100, and Pixie will have retired at 15 – I certainly know who's smarter."

Janecko also owns multiple firms, including her PR firm, Sweaty Betty PR. In her interview with, she revealed that Pixie has a dream of owning a beach house along with a Lamborghini Urus. The 2013 Celebrity Apprentice Australia runner-up also revealed that Pixie is "well on her way" to achieving her goal.

How much is Pixie Curtis worth?


Pixie's mother, Roxy Jacenko, who is the founder and CEO of Sweaty Betty PR, helped launch her daughter's brand, Pixie's Bows, in 2014. Pixie was around two when her first business started. Along with her mother, the elementary schooler launched her second brand, Pixie's Fidgets, which clocked over $200,000 in sales within a month. Both businesses are now under a parent company called Pixie's Pix.

Pixie's Pix is estimated to be worth around $13 million. Thus, Pixie Curtis is expected to have an estimated fortune based on her stake in the company. She is expected to be worth a couple million by now.

Note: Several publications wrongly mention her firm's turnover as her net worth.

In 2018, Australian departmental store chain, Meijer, signed a deal with Pixie's Pix to stock the brand's hair bows, which have fetched the ten-year-old a few more million. Furthermore, as per Daily Mail Australia's retail finance expert, Pixie's Pix is on track to have a $3 million per year growth in their turnover next year.

If the brand's popularity and growth rate are sustained, then Pixie Curtis could have a $21 million fortune by the time she is eighteen. However, it must be noted that her net worth will increase depending on her equity in Pixie's Pix.

Furthermore, her equity-based fortune may also affect her liquidity, and she may have to pay excess taxes if she decides to divest some of her stake in the company.

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