Racist Tigard High School TikTok video goes viral, causes mass school walkout 

Tigard High School students protest after racist video goes viral on TikTok (Image via KGW)
Tigard High School students protest after racist video goes viral on TikTok (Image via KGW)

Tigard High School students walked out of their classrooms in protest after a racist video created by a fellow pupil went viral on TikTok. In the said video, the student used extremely offensive racial slurs, causing massive outrage.

The TikTok video showcased a student lying in bed as they explained various racial slurs. The said racist comments were targeted at people of black, Muslim, Asian and Latino descent.

Following the video being uploaded to social media, enraged Oregon students staged a protest outside Tigard High School.


Tigard High School students react to racist video

Tigard High School students staged the walkout on 1 December 2021. Videos of them protesting went viral online. Students were seen walking outside the campus holding banners and signs.

Students at Tigard HS walk out of the building to protest a student made racist video that popped up on social media over the holiday weekend. They say the video is not an isolated incident.

Many students could be heard chanting anti-racism slogans.

KGW News, a Portland outlet, spoke to the protesting Tigard High School students. One student exclaimed:

“Watching that video made me disgusted. I was sick to my stomach when I first saw that video.”

Another claimed that racism had taken over the States. The student said:

“You can’t even walk 15 feet without being called a racial slur. It’s not ok to be called anything to anyone – it’s not ok at all.”

A student also told the news channel:

“I cried. I felt unsafe at my school. My skin isn’t even as dark as some of these other beautiful black women here who were literally called m***eys.”

Although Tigard High School faculty told NBC they could not comment on who was responsible for the TikTok video, they said a range of punishments have been laid out. The establishment also stated that strict action will be taken as hate speech is not tolerated on campus.

Tigard High School students speaking and making statements with posters and signs about anti-racism! [reacted youth faces for safety and privacy of minors]

Superintendent Sue Rieke-Smith from the Tigard-Tualatin School District was present at the school protest as well. She told KGW News that schools in the area would not often expel students.

The superintendent also branded the infamous video as “horrific, disappointing and disgusting.” She added that it did not “represent what Tigard- Tualatin School District believes in.”

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