Racket Boys episode 15: Hae-kang gives up on singles final so will he be able to keep his promise to So-yeon in the finale?

A still from Racket Boys episode 15. (Instagram)
A still from Racket Boys episode 15. (Instagram)
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Racket Boys episode 15 saw the Jeonnam Boys face tough opposition at the national level competition. They face the country's top players from Seoul.

The thing that makes them most anxious about in Racket Boys is the fact that they are all playing at a national level finals for the first time. In addition to this, Hae-kang's vision problem has recurred. Two of the boys from the district also got hurt in a previous competition.

Did the Jeonnam Boys win in the Nationals in Racket Boys?

This puts them out of commission in Racket Boys episode 15. That leaves Yeong-tae, Yoon-dam and Woo-chan to step forward and lead their team to victory. However, things are not easy. In fact, because of copying his favorite player, Yeong-tae becomes easy prey for the Seoul team.

His teammates Racket Boys are also worried that if Yeong-tae lost, he might not be able to get over how he failed in the finals. Instead, Yeong-tae got to meet his idol coincidentally and it is then that he gets an idea.

What if he were to abandon the tricks that he had learned to copy and instead concentrated on the ones that he practiced on his own? It is a big risk, but anything is better than losing.

So when Yeong-tae faced the final rounds of the competition in Racket Boys, he returned with renewed enthusiasm.

Even the other boys were unable to figure out what had changed. Then In-sol clued them in and told them about how Yeong-tae's play no longer duplicated one of the country's best players.

The first win in Racket Boys was not easy.

Next came Yoon-dam. He is the captain of the team and there is a lot of pressure on him. Strangely though, he repeatedly heard people say that it was okay to lose. So this put him in a strange position. The overexhaustion from all the pressure led to Yoon-dam passing out on court.

It was only when he saw the head coach in Racket Boys that Yoon-dam seemed centered. He heard what he wanted to hear the most -- that he must win. This gives him the inspiration and the drive to win against the Seoul player.

Both players grew individually as athletes and made Jeonnam proud. However, can the team win the finals?

Racket Boys episode 15 sees Hae-kang give up on his finals singles

It was revealed that Jeonnam team's coach worked out a brilliant plan to put the Seoul team at a disadvantage. He decided not to let Hae-kang play in the final singles and instead paired him up with Woo-chan to play doubles against Park Chan and his mate.

Both Hae-kang and Woo-chan had trained regularly, and were ready for the switch. However, the other coaches weren''t. They didn't expect the Jeonnam Coach to come up with a plan that sabotaged the chances of the other team winning by playing it smart.

The episode ended with Hae-kang promising So-yeon that he will win the game for her. He had said before that he would tell her something important on the day he won the Nationals.

His idea was to stop Park Chan from confessing to So-yeon and instead be the one to tell her that he liked her. So-yeon also likes Hae-kang and not Park Chan so she also hopes for his victory.

The question is if Hae-kang can cross the obstacle that is his worsening eye condition. The question of whether Hae-kang will return to play baseball also remains to be answered in the finale.

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