Reptile cast list: Who stars in the new thriller movie?

Benecia Del Toro in Reptile via IMDB.
Benecia Del Toro in Reptile via IMDB.

Oscar-winning actor Benicio Del Toro is set to impress audiences in the upcoming neo-noir thriller, Reptile. Directed by the acclaimed music video director Grant Singer, this Netflix original promises to be a suspenseful journey through a chilling murder investigation.

Reptile is set to make its debut at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival on September 7, 2023, and later in theaters on September 29. It will soon be available for streaming on Netflix starting October 6.

Alicia Silverstone and others star in Reptile

1) Benicio Del Toro

Del Toro, an acclaimed actor known for his versatile roles, takes on the character of Detective Tom Nichols in Reptile. As he delves into the murder investigation, he finds himself questioning the motives of various suspects, hence unraveling the complex web of deceit surrounding the case.

With a career spanning decades, Del Toro has left a huge mark on the film industry. Del Toro's journey to stardom began with notable roles in films like The Usual Suspects. However, it was his portrayal of a conflicted Mexican police officer in Traffic that earned him an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

2) Justin Timberlake

Joining the ensemble is pop star Justin Timberlake as Will Grady, the central figure in the murder investigation. Director Singer expressed his enthusiasm for Timberlake's involvement, highlighting his dedication to the project.

Timberlake's foray into acting has been marked by a series of impressive performances that have garnered critical acclaim. Timberlake's acting career includes roles in films such as The Social Network, where he portrayed Sean Parker, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

3) Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone, renowned for her iconic role as Cher in the beloved film Clueless, joins Benicio Del Toro in Reptile. This project marks a significant reunion between Silverstone and Del Toro, who previously starred together in the 1997 film Excess Baggage.

Silverstone's career has been marked by diverse roles in both movies and TV. In Reptile, she portrays Judy Nichols, the loving wife of Detective Tom Nichols. Judy becomes an essential part of her husband's journey to solve the murder mystery, adding depth and emotional resonance to the storyline.

More on the trailer and plot


The trailer for the movie offerered a glimpse into the dark heart of the film's murder mystery. Benicio Del Toro's character describes the case as a nightmare, setting the tone for the suspenseful narrative.

The trailer hints at a web of potential suspects, including the victim's boyfriend, ex-husband, and an enigmatic figure with a grudge.

The plot unfolds in Scarborough, Maine, where Detective Tom Nichols investigates the gruesome murder of a realtor. The victim's boyfriend, Will, becomes a primary suspect, while her ex-husband is tangled in the world of drugs. As the investigation deepens, an eccentric man (Michael Pitt) with a history of animosity towards Will's family, emerges as another intriguing figure in the case

While Reptile marks Grant Singer's directorial debut in feature films, he brings a wealth of experience from his work in music videos.

Influenced by directors such as David Fincher, Stanley Kubrick, and Martin Scorsese, Singer promises a compelling narrative for this Netflix original.

Reptile also boasts a talented supporting cast, including Michael Pitt, Domenick Lombardozzi, Frances Fisher, Ato Essandoh, Mike Pniewski, Eric Bogosian, Sky Ferreira, Owen Teague, and Matilda Lutz, each contributing to the film's intricate web of characters.

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