Resurfaced Amber Heard interview of her saying she's a fan of Johnny Depp contradicts latest testimony

Amber Heard's testimony saying she wasn't a fan of Johnny Depp is contradicted by resurfaced interview (Image via Pool/Getty Images)
Amber Heard's testimony saying she wasn't a fan of Johnny Depp is contradicted by resurfaced interview (Image via Pool/Getty Images)

Amber Heard took to the stand on Wednesday, May 4, to begin her testimony. She told the jury that she 'wasn't a fan' of her ex-husband Johnny Depp before their first meeting. However, a resurfaced interview clip from over a decade ago in which Heard talks about her feelings towards Depp contradicts this testimony.

This week concluded the fourth week of court proceedings for the Amber Heard-Johnny Depp defamation trial. The latter filed a $50 million defamation suit against his ex-wife for her op-ed in The Washington Post in which she claimed to be a victim of domestic violence. Heard is countersuing Depp for $100 million for nuisance and protection against the allegations.

Amber Heard's testimony contradicted by old interview


Amber Heard's October 2011 interview with SheKnows was unearthed by TikTok user @courteneymack, supercut with her latest testimony on Wednesday, May 4. The TikTok video went viral, amassing 3.5 million views and 316.9k likes within just two days.

The interview took place during Heard's press tour for her film, The Rum Diary, where she starred alongside Depp. When asked if she had been a fan of Johnny's growing up, Heard was quick to reply:

“I mean, who isn't a fan of Johnny’s? That’s a given. He’s been a cultural icon and a talented actor for...since I can remember.”

However, during her time on the stand, Heard seemingly contradicted herself and told a different story.

The 36-year-old testified, as seen at the 1:57 mark in the video:

“I knew who he was. I wasn’t familiar, you know. I wasn’t a fan of his work. I wasn’t familiar with him but I knew who he was, you know. He's one of the most famous people in the world.”

Netizens were quick to call out Heard for lying while under oath and claimed that she had committed perjury. They also unearthed other evidence which clearly points to the fact that Heard was a 'fan' of Johnny Depp's even before their relationship.

Netizens dug up more evidence disputing Amber Heard's testimony

"I knew who he was, I wasn't a fan of his work, I wasn't familiar with him..." Amber Heard#JusticeforJohnnyDepp

In another promotional interview for The Rum Diary with BlackBook in 2011, Amber Heard gushed over her co-star, claiming that filming a love scene with Depp was "surreal." She said:

“I grew up watching his movies, so it was a little surreal, but I very much become my characters while I'm working.”

Another tweet quoting an older article from The Enquirer provided further evidence of the Aquaman star being Johnny Depp's fan since she was a teenager. It read:

“Johnny was Amber's first love, even though she'd never met him. When she was a teenager, Amber had already decided to become an actress and she had pictures of Johnny all over her room.”
Amber Heard can’t even say one SIMPLE truth. She straight up said “I wasn’t familiar with his work, i wasn’t a fan of him” when there’s a whole interview of hers saying she used to have Johnny Depp’s posters on her wall. 💀#DeppvHeard #JohnnyDeppVSAmberHeard
Amber Heard has already lied on the stand claiming she didn’t know of him or watch his movies. And yet, she had posters of Johnny Depp on her wall as a kid. Also, here she is in 2009 at the Public Enemies premier. #JohnnyDeppAmberHeardTrial

Netizens sleuthed around some more and dug up photographs of the actress attending the premiere of Depp's film, Public Enemies, in 2009, adding fuel to the fire.

Heard is drawing major flak for being caught in a lie yet again.

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