Video of Johnny Depp showing post-it doodle to lawyer during Amber Heard trial goes viral on TikTok 

Johnny Depp at his defamation trial against Amber Heard (Image via Paul Morigi/Getty Images)
Johnny Depp at his defamation trial against Amber Heard (Image via Paul Morigi/Getty Images)

Johnny Depp's defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard has come with a fair share of somber and emotional moments, but the 58-year-old actor has found ways to keep himself entertained.

On Tuesday, Depp seemed to be scribbling away intently before proudly presenting an intricate doodle on a post-it note to his lawyer Benjamin Chew on day 9 of the hearing in Fairfax, Virginia. A video clip showing the exchange was posted to TikTok by user @dangiaplumbing4life and has since gone viral, garnering 5.5 million views and 735.9k likes at the time of writing.

Johnny Depp sketches a woman's portrait during trial

The camera zoomed in to capture Johnny Depp's artwork, revealing the doodle as a woman's portrait. Depp's attorney, Benjamin Chew, reached for his glasses to examine the sticky note further as the Pirates of the Caribbean star whispered something in his ear.

After a few moments of inspection, Chew appeared impressed with his client's art, nodding in approval and holding his hand to his heart. Depp also smiled in response, seemingly proud of his doodling.

The video has circulated beyond the original TikTok with a variation of edits. The one featured in the tweet above was edited to the most apt TikTok audio that says:

"'What's this?' 'It's an art project...' 'Okay, I like it. Picasso!'"

Another tweet showed the Edward Scissorhands actor doodling something abstract on ruled paper. This time, he went further to color it in with sharpies. The tweet also drew attention to how Depp's idle doodling is a testament to the times he has mentioned "always turning to art," presumably in tough times.

On Tuesday, Johnny Depp's artistic inspiration struck during a lull in the proceedings as the court was waiting for a critical witness to connect via video call with Judge Penney Azcarate. The witness was Tara Roberts, Depp’s island estate manager, who had testified in 2013 that the actor “was passed out on the beach” in front of his kids.

The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial has generated countless memes

The high-profile trial began on April 12 to address the $50 million defamation lawsuit Johnny Depp filed against Amber Heard, 36. The former claimed that Heard's op-ed in The Washington Post in 2018, where she claimed to be a victim of domestic abuse, irreparably damaged his career.

Though Heard didn't explicitly name Johnny Depp in the article, his legal team alleged that he was implicated as a domestic abuser, a "categorically and demonstrably false claim." Depp alleged that Heard was the abusive partner in their relationship.

Heard countersued her ex-husband for $100 million for nuisance.

The trial has captivated the interest of a significant proportion of the internet, primarily due to the ample meme material it supplies. Most of these highlight the incompetence of Amber Heard's legal team in the most unexpected comical ways.

Meme pages are having a blast showing how Heard's attorney, who has previously demonstrated a penchant for raising objections of "hearsay," accidentally raised the same objection to an answer to his question.

Depp has also been amusing himself by picking on the attorney for his countless hearsay objections and repetition of legalese like "Did I read that right?" and reaffirming Depp's signature on the same document at least four times.

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