RHOA: Did Sheree Whitfield pay Anthony before the reunion? Here's what fans think 

Sheree (Image via Instagram/@shereewhitfield)
Sheree (Image via Instagram/@shereewhitfield)

Bravo's RHOA season 14 returned for an all-new episode on Sunday night, September 18, 2022. Titled Reunion: Part 2, episode 19 featured Drew and Sheree discussing Anthony's accusations of Sheree not paying him.

Drew also played a recording where Anthony dissed Sheree, but when Sheree herself called him up, he flipped the narrative and dissed Drew instead.

Upon witnessing Anthony flipping the narrative in favor of Sheree, fans took to social media to share their opinions. Most speculated that Sheree might have paid Anthony and that's what made him change his narrative and speak the way he did.

#RHOA Sheree definitely paid Anthony to say those things

"You don’t owe me anything": Anthony changes the narrative, denies Sheree owing him money

This week, host Andy Cohen finally brought up a topic that has had fans and viewers curious ever since the season premiered.

Earlier this season, Drew Sidora told Kandi Burruss about how Anthony had told her that he worked as Sheree's assistant but the latter hadn't paid him his dues. Drew also added that Anthony said he had stopped working for Sheree because she didn't pay him.

Instead of FaceTiming him into the reunion, they should’ve addressed this whole Anthony the Assistant drama in person when it was actually happening during the season. #RHOA

When Sheree heard about this, she was clearly shocked. She denied the allegations, but owing to previous claims of the RHOA star not paying people their dues, Drew was reluctant to believe her.

Sheree also claimed that Anthony told her that Ralph was gay. This didn't sit well with Drew, who found herself in the middle of many confrontations because of this. Finally, during the reunion, Andy addressed the elephant in the room and cleared the air about the accusations.

Andy first asked Sheree if she had confronted Anthony about Drew's claims. The RHOA star said that she did question him but he denied it. Andy and Drew then pointed out to Sheree that Anthony did say those things on camera when the season premiered.

Sheree didn't give in and claimed that it was a "dumb narrative" that Drew and Anthony were trying to blame her for. She went on to add that she wouldn't be as blessed as she was if she didn't pay people.

Andy then asked Drew why she behaved like Anthony didn't talk about her husband either. Drew immediately played a recording with Anthony where he denied those assusations and cussed Sheree.

Upon hearing their conversation, Sheree decided to call Anthony herself and hear what he had to say. She outright asked him if he was ever her assistant and if she owed him any money. In response, Anthony said:

"No we're not. No I was not. To be honest, you don't owe me anything."

Later, when Andy asked Anthony if he did say Ralph was gay, the assistant replied:

"Maybe at some point in time I did. But I don't recall doing that. But for the record, do I think Ralph is gay? No I do not. But do I think that Drew needed a storyline? And to, you know get onto this season? Absolutely."

Drew was shocked to hear Anthony speak the way he did, and so were the rest of the RHOA cast members. They couldn't believe that Anthony was flipping the narrative.

Fans claim Sheree paid Anthony ahead of the RHOA reunion

Taking to Twitter, fans speculated that Anthony changed his claims because Sheree paid him the money she owed him prior to the reunion.

Check out what they said:

Sheree don’t pay but she paid Anthony to lie today 😂 #RHOA
I guess Sheree finally paid Anthony more than what she owed him for that flip #RHOA
Sheree gave Anthony a stack before she went on this reunion because you see how fast he flipped it and reversed it. Drew don't have him on next season you see how he made you look a whole fool #RHOA
So did Sheree pay Anthony or something because it sounds like HE was the one thirsty for some camera time. @DREWSIDORA already on the show honey. #RHOA
Sheree must have paid Anthony right before the reunion #rhoa
It’s giving Anthony got paid off my Sheree #RHOA he was talking cash shit on IG about Sheree!
Anthony is so messy. Shereé must’ve got current on her back pay to him, so he switched that story up on Drew after being recorded saying the complete opposite 😂#RHOA
Sheree paid Anthony for that look and can’t nobody tell me different #RHOA
I wouldn’t be surprised if Sheree & Anthony planned this call cause he’s saying something totally different now #RHOA
#RHOASheree called Anthony and paid him to lie on her behalf . You have been exposed now he has amnesia...Calling that woman husband gay when you don't have one is wild to me

RHOA will return to Bravo for the final part of the reunion, scheduled to air on September 25. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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